Parents of ex-Marine Trevor Reed protest outside the White House

The parents of Trevor Reed, a former US Marine detained in Russia since 2019, protested outside the White House on Wednesday, calling for a meeting with President Biden they said had been “promised”.

“It was 22 days ago when the president said he would have us call immediately when he got back to DC and set it up,” Paula Reed, Trevor’s mother, told CNN.

“The office staff did not call us. And we wanted to be here to bring Trevor’s case to the fore and let them know we haven’t forgotten. We are waiting for that call and we want the meeting the president has promised us.”

Paula and her husband, Joey, are stationed outside the North Lawn of the White House, dressed in T-shirts with their son’s image printed on them, along with the legend, “Free Trevor Reed: Wrongfully Imprisoned by Russia Since 2019.” They also hung a big red flag with Trevor’s picture and the same text.

Paula and Joey Reed claim that no one from the White House has contacted them, even though President Biden promised them they would.

The Reeds plan to stay out of the White House until Friday, though Paul Reed told CNN on Wednesday that “if we have to stay longer, maybe we will.”

On Wednesday afternoon, Biden told reporters he was “going to see” if he “got to see” the Reeds, which he described as “good people.”

When asked if he would meet them, Biden said, “We’re trying to work that out.”

Trevor Reed was sentenced to nine years in prison in July 2020 after being convicted of assaulting two Russian police officers after allegedly blacking out drunk at a party last year. Already family and supporters say he was convicted of trumped-up charges so the Kremlin could use him as a political bargaining chip.

On Wednesday, Reed’s parents said Trevor had gone on a hunger strike to protest his treatment by Russian officials – the second since he began serving his sentence.

Trevor Reed
Trevor Reed was sentenced to nine years in prison after being found guilty of assaulting two Russian police officers.

“Trevor had an injury where he thinks he has a broken rib. In addition, he has all the symptoms of active tuberculosis. He went to a prison hospital for about 10 days. And they didn’t treat him,” Joey Reed said.

Reed’s father added that his son requested to stay in the hospital but was instead placed in solitary confinement. In prison, Trevor, 30, has coughed up blood and “something is sticking out of his side,” his father claimed.

The only treatment Reed has reportedly received is aspirin.

Biden spoke to the former Marine’s family by phone earlier this month after failing to meet them in person during a trip to Texas.

According to the White House, the president “reiterated his commitment to do everything possible to bring their son home”.

At the time, press secretary Jen Psaki indicated that while there was no face-to-face meeting during the president’s visit, the White House was “working towards a time when the president would be able to meet his family at short notice.”

“I don’t have a time or date for that or anything like that, but that’s something we’re going to work towards,” she told reporters.

The White House did not immediately respond to The Post’s request for comment.

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