Passengers on a plane who sang ‘Baby Shark’ to comfort a crying child have gone viral on TikTok for their ‘tolerance’

Parikshot Balochi filmed the viral TikTok on a flight from Dubai to Albania.Parikshit Balochi via TikTok

  • Parikshit Balochi filmed passengers on a flight to Albania singing “Baby Shark” to a crying child.

  • He didn’t expect it to go viral, but the video now has more than 7 million views.

  • Balochi told Insider that he felt like he captured a moment of “tolerance” that stole people’s hearts.

A man who posted a TikTok showing a group of passengers on an airplane singing the viral nursery rhyme “Baby Shark” to a crying child has been viewed more than 7 million times as people praised the kindness of strangers.

Parikshit Balochi flew from his home in Dubai to Albania on March 10 for a four-day backpacking trip. Before the five-hour flight took off, a child next to him, who Balochi said looked about four years old, started crying. He told Insider that a passenger behind them began to softly mumble the words “Baby Shark” and in an effort to comfort the child decided to do the same.

“I’m not ashamed because I speak publicly as a radio host. So I started singing out loud and everyone joined in.” In the nine-second video, several passengers can be seen clapping and singing the lyrics to the song “Baby Shark” before the camera turns to the child, who appears to be crying.

“Baby Shark” is an extremely popular nursery rhyme that became the first YouTube video ever to be viewed 10 billion times. The song is a viral sensation, sparking a widespread TikTok dance trend in 2017 and inspiring a full-length movie set to be released in 2023.

Balochi, a 33-year-old presenter for a Bollywood radio station in Dubai, has fewer than 5,000 TikTok followers. His previous TikTok videos have typically been viewed hundreds of times, but when he posted his “Baby Shark” TikTok, it exploded and got 7 million views.

“As it happened I thought, ‘Wow, this is a cool moment, I should grab my phone,’ so I started recording but only got a few seconds of it,” he said, adding that the passengers were about 20 seconds before he started filming.

Before turning off his phone for the flight, Balochi posted the clips on his Instagram story and on TikTok. He said that five hours later, when he got off the plane, he had “120 TikTok notifications and an insane amount of views. I really didn’t expect it to explode.”

Balochi had added an on-screen caption to the video that read “Baby shark to the rescue” and a second that read “Baby crying on the plane? No problem!’

Commentators below the video seemed impressed by the friendliness of the passengers. A top commentary with 19,000 likes said, “all passengers passed the vibe check.” Another said: “It literally costs nothing to be a decent person. We need more of this.” One comment with 7,000 likes simply said “humanity” with a wide-eyed emoji.

A screenshot of Balochi's comment section on TikTok

Screenshot of Balochi’s TikTok comment sectionParikshit Balochi via TikTok

“There’s no doubt that crying babies are annoying during a flight,” Balochi told Insider, saying he thinks the video got such a positive response because it reminds people, “You have to have some tolerance. It’s just a child, it’s not the end of the world.”

Although Balochi has had a TikTok account for about three years, he said going viral with this clip taught him that “organic” videos, where people spontaneously post something happening around them, have the power to do it really well. do on the platform, while previously he thought TikTok was mainly a “cringefest” for “dance videos”.

“One thing I really like about TikTok is that there is something for everyone,” he said.

According to Balochi, the child flew with a man and a woman he believed to be the child’s parents. The identity of the persons remains unclear.

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