Picard showrunner warns we’re not ready for Dr. crusher

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Star Trek: Picard brings back the cast of Star Trek: The Next Generation.

With the announcement that the Star Trek: The Next Generation cast will be appearing in the final season of Star Trek: Picard, there was a flood of tweets from fans expressing their excitement. The actors also weighed in, as did executive producer and showrunner, Terry Matalasand one tweet in particular has raised all sorts of question marks and fans’ hopes of a romance between Admiral Picard and Dr. Crusher fueled.

When a fan became emotional at the news that Gates McFadden would be returning to her role as Dr. Beverly Crusher, Matalas responded with confirmation that we’d be seeing Beverly, but added, “you’re not ready yet.”

The return of Dr. Crusher to Star Trek: Picard always has fans hopeful of a romantic solution.

At the start of season two, the series sparked a potential romance between Admiral Picard and Laris, the Romulan housekeeper at Chateau Picard. However, Picard was not ready to commit and withdrew from Laris before either of them admitted their feelings. So that was left quite open when he had to leave with his crew to restore the timeline.

But long before Laris, there was Dr. Crusher, and she and Jean-Luc Picard shared a long history full of romantic undertones. They had the typical will-they-don’t-want-them relationship that ended up going nowhere. That doesn’t stop fans from hoping, and as can be seen on Twitter, most of them are at least hoping for a solution to the unfulfilled romance that happened aboard the Enterprise.

But Matalas’ tweet hints that Dr. Crusher has a lot more in store when she rejoins Admiral Picard, and even if this isn’t romance, fans are curious to see what the Doctor has been up to over the past twenty years. † And Matalas’ warning has only increased our interest and concern. Although we have to wait until next year, we can’t promise to wait patiently.

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