Plymouth City Council leader Nick Kelly removed from office after no-confidence vote – updates

Cllr Corvid stands up to propose motion on Ukraine

Cllr Corvid said these would be her last words in the room.

She notes that the leader’s decision was taken last week to suspend cooperation with Novorossiysk, but believes this was something that should be a council-wide move.

She calls Putin’s invasion “outrageous” and says twinning is about peace.

She said Plymouth was twinned in the 1950s when the Cold War dominated geopolitics.

She highlights the bombing of Plymouth by the Nazis on Hitler in World War II and how the people of Mariupol now suffer the same fate.

She said the suspension was not aimed at the people of Novorossiysk, but to emphasize the city’s opposition to the invasion and its solidarity with the people of Ukraine.

Its motion on notification urges the council to agree to:

1. Until then suspend all twinning activities with our long-standing sister city Novorossiysk

because the Russian army has completely withdrawn from Ukraine.

2. Use the front page of the Council website to promote the Disaster Relief Committee

Ukraine Appeal and list local collection points for those who want to donate items

needed for assistance.

3. start by identifying a suitable city in Ukraine to build a twinning relationship with.

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