Pokemon Fan Art introduces Jessie and James as Pokemon Scarlett and Violet Trainers

Pokemon fans are imagining Pokemon Scarlet and Violet features, and one fan art shows what Generation 9 might look like with Team Rocket’s Jessie and James.

The Pokemon Company and Nintendo have the next generation of pokemon with a trailer in front Pokemon Scarlet and purple several days ago, the three starters confirmed and much speculation in the pokemon community. Onepokemon fan has imagined the main one Pokemon Scarlet and purple trainer as the pokemon anime’s Team Rocket villains Jessie and James depending on which gender a Pokemon player chooses.

Since Pokemon Scarlet and purple were revealed, many pokemon fans have been considering the evolutions of the three starter Pokemon, locations they can explore in a new region inspired by Spain, and in some cases trying to guess which Pokemon is part of the Pokedex. Twitter user Stoic_Miiverse recently shared their fan art inspired by Pokemon Scarlet and purple in which they envision Team Rocket duo Jessie and James as prominent characters in the Spanish-inspired region next to the chatty Meowth. In the background of the fan art between the foliage and the decorations is a grumpy pokemon trainer, who has been confirmed as the main character of Pokemon Scarlet and purple through the reveal trailer.


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Dressed very similar to the Pokemon Scarlet and purple trainer, Meowth from Team Rocket wears a school uniform with an oversized hat, which appears to be the first adaptation for the new pokemon trainer. Unlike the puzzled trainer in the fan art background, this Meowth has a wide grin as he looks to the side and holds a paw to his face. Although the Jessie and James depicted by Stoic_Miiverse in this fanart share clothing similarities with the aforementioned pokemon character, Pokemon Red and Blue fans will see more similarities to their anime counterparts.

In the Stoic_Miiverse fan art, Jessie holds a Poke Ball to her face and appears to be looking at her reflection to fix her red hair. The Team Rocket member wears a white button-up shirt with an orange tie and a striped orange skirt with blue drawstrings and a pocket facing out. Just like her crop top in the pokemon anime, Jessie’s shirt and skirt don’t fully match, exposing part of her midsection to the sunny climate that’s already been teased Pokemon Scarlet and purple

Unlike Jessie in Stoic_Miiverse’s Pokemon Scarlet and purple fan art, James wears blue shorts with yellow drawstrings and a similarly colored tie that joins the collar of his white shirt. James’ clothing covers his stomach like his Team Rocket uniform does, but is more like the formal attire he wore as a child before joining Team Rocket. Like he does in the pokemon anime Team Rocket intros, James is holding a rose in Stoic_Miiverse’s fan art while throwing a Poke Ball in the air with his other hand.

Since Jessie has scarlet hair and James has violet hair, it’s fitting to see both pokemon anime characters representing Pokemon Scarlet and purple† While Pokemon Scarlet and purple may include several customization options, it remains to be seen if pokemon fans can make their trainers look like Jessie or James from Team Rocket. Each pokemon region focuses on a unique storyline and as a result, new evil organizations are introduced outside of Team Rocket, which can mean: Pokemon Scarlet and purple players will not encounter Jessie or James in their adventures.

Pokemon Scarlet and purple will be released for Nintendo Switch in 2022.

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