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Police have arrested a man who assaulted a woman and then attempted to force her into his vehicle in Nanaimo this week.

Nanaimo RCMP arrested Bradley Dylan Boscariol and charged him with Assault with a Weapon and Attempted Kidnap. Boscariol is currently in police custody and has been remanded in custody until Monday.

The incident happened around 7 p.m. Thursday at 6900 block of Dickinson Road, near Max Bennett Pioneer Park.

Boscariol tried to catch a woman in her early twenties. She managed to fend off the suspect and ran to a nearby house where residents called 911, according to the RCMP.

Police arrived and spoke to the woman who had injuries to her upper body that indicate assault.

According to investigators, the young woman stated that she was walking along Dickinson Road after being dropped off by an RDN transit bus when she saw a vehicle making strange turns.

Seconds later, a vehicle approached and an unknown man got out and asked her for directions. As she checked them on her phone, he waved a blunt object at her and hit her on the head.

She fought back and then ran to the nearest house. As Boscariol reportedly followed her on foot for a short distance, he got back into his vehicle and headed north across Dickinson Crossing.

The woman later went to Nanaimo Hospital for treatment for her non-life-threatening injuries. Police searched the entire area, but were unable to locate the suspect or his car.

Police shared that the investigation into the kidnapping attempt, which involved extensive resources and specialized units within the Nanaimo detachment, was a priority.

“This incident caused outrage among the community and also our officers. Investigators were highly motivated to ensure that justice was carried out promptly and that the person responsible was found and held accountable,” said Nanaimo RCMP Officer Gary O’Brien in a press release.

The investigation progressed quickly, thanks in particular to the young woman’s excellent detailed description of the suspect vehicle.

Investigation techniques and police databases soon focused on the suspicious vehicle and its location. With the cooperation of Ladysmith RCMP, Boscariol was arrested in the suspicious vehicle at approximately 6pm on Friday and taken into police custody.

Searches were carried out on Saturday to support the investigation at a home and the vehicle belonging to the suspect.

“It should be reassuring to the residents of Nanaimo to have a person arrested for this incident and placed in police custody within 24 hours. Our investigators would also like to express their sincere appreciation to the general public for their cooperation and assistance with this dossier, and to the very brave and tough young lady who stood strong when faced with real adversity. In our books, she’s a rock star,” O’Brien added.

Police are continuing their investigation and are once again calling on the public for help

Just before the attack, the woman told police she remembers seeing a black SUV with three male occupants slowly drive past. When last seen, this vehicle had turned right from Dickinson Road to Schook Road. Second, the woman lost her brown leather backpack during the attack. A search of the scene and its surroundings turned out to be negative for the item.

Police are asking if anyone has any information about the SUV or backpack, to call the Nanaimo RCMP non-emergency line at 250-754-2345 and to cite file 2022-9074.

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