Police report breakthrough in 17-year mystery of murdered banker in Nairn

In a separate development, police recently traveled to Canada to interview Andy Burnett, who owned a pub across the street from Mr. Wilson’s home, where his wife, Veronica, ran for help immediately after the shooting.

Mr Burnett was a friend of Mr Wilson and is seen as a key witness assisting the police in their investigation.

Detective Superintendent Graeme Mackie, of Police Scotland’s main investigative team, said officers sought the public’s help in identifying the two men seen on the beach.

“We are following up on this new information and I would like to ask anyone who has information, or who can identify the men, to come forward and talk to us,” he said.

‘Time is no barrier to justice’

“This possible sighting was passed on to agents following recent publicity surrounding the case and I am grateful for the positive response we have received from the local community.

“As I have said recently, time is not an obstacle to justice. More than 17 years have passed since Alistair’s murder, but Police Scotland is committed to bringing his killer to justice and giving the family the answers they deserve.”

After a recent examination of witness statements, further analysis of the times of the night in question and “research developments”, officers also changed the description of the man they want to track down in connection with the murder.

Detectives believe the man who shot Alistair outside his door was between 20 and 40 years old at the time. This would mean that he is now in his mid-thirties to almost 60 years old.

He was about six feet tall and wore a baseball cap and a jacket. Previous occupations described the shooter as between 30 and 40 years old.

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