Prince William ‘Struggles’ During Jamaica Tour Amid Slavery

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Body language experts shed some light on the “uncomfortable” feelings Prince William faced during his recent trip to Jamaica.

Body language expert Darren Stanton made this comment in a disturbing revelation.

It was all said to Express UK and the expert was also quoted as saying: “There is a very important photo of William and Kate meeting Governor Patrick Allen prior to his speech at King’s house.”

“The governor showed genuine pleasure in having a couple in his house, but Prince William’s face shows sadness and when someone bows his head, it also says shame, so when he spoke of slavery, he spoke from the heart and is deeply sorry for how Jamaican people might feel.”

He also added: “Initially Prince William showed signs of unease and fear, this was demonstrated when he spoke to groups on the press, his hands were in his pockets when someone hid their palms. It is a sign of fear that they trying to mask.”

“He was probably a little nervous because of all the demonstrations and negativity around the subject of slavery.”

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