Program aims to give people a dazzling welcome to the region

Members of the team will be visible as they will be dressed in Peaky Blinders style outfits

Designed to support the region in preparation for the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games and the expected 1.2 million visitors, the People Powered Visitor Engagement program was introduced at the Birmingham 2022 Festival.

Created by the Business and Tourism Program (BATP), the People Powered Visitor Engagement program will introduce a host of mobile information units at key locations across the region to ensure visitors have everything they need to do everything the West Midlands has to offer to the fullest .

Those visiting the region will be treated to a dazzling welcome as they are greeted by the knowledgeable team, who will be easily recognizable in their 1920s three piece tweed suits inspired by the look of the Peaky Blinders, Birmingham’s most famous street gang .

The team will use their extensive local knowledge and in-depth training adapted to the Getting Games Ready program, including the internationally recognized ‘Welcome Host’ module, to recommend attractions and experiences, travel information, directions and ticket sales to help maximize time of stay. extend and deliver an excellent visitor experience.

Launched in January, Getting Games Ready has 7,000 free seats available to tourism businesses in the West Midlands.

The program comes at an important time for the region as it takes its place on the global stage and aims to maximize the games’ opportunities and long-term economic legacy.

Sports and Tourism Secretary Nigel Huddleston said: “This fantastic program will showcase the best this beautiful region has to offer and welcome thousands of world-class tourists to an unforgettable summer of sport and culture.”

Becky Frall, head of tourism at the West Midlands Growth Company, said: “We are delighted to launch the People Powered Visitor Engagement program.

“As excitement builds in the run-up to the Games, our new mobile information hubs and information staff will ensure visitors receive a warm welcome upon arrival and a memorable experience throughout their stay.

“As we encourage people across our venues, attractions and eateries, our tweed-clad staff will also pay tribute to the Birmingham-born hit TV series Peaky Blinders, which continues to draw audiences worldwide.”

The Welcome People supports the Birmingham 2022 Festival, a six-month celebration of culture in the West Midlands and the region’s largest ever celebration of creativity.

It was founded in September 2011 by David Miller and Calvin LaCock and has since become one of the country’s leading visitor welcoming agencies.

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