Pusha T is getting closer to the release of his next studio album, which he and Charlamagne Tha God have already assured fans will be better than Daytona† He described his 2018 album as his “Purple Tape” in reference to Raekwon’s Only built 4 Cuban Linx — a pinnacle of mafioso rap helping to lay the blueprint for cokerap as a thriving subgenre.

Jeff Schear / Getty Images

Pusha T is still considered one of the greatest coke rappers of all time, but the GOOD Music president thinks there is only one rapper who surpasses him in that category. During a recent interview with Complex, the rapper broke out on his top 3 coke rappers of all time, listing himself at #2 with Jay-Z taking the top spot.

“Hov is the first, because he made Reasonable doubt, and that’s the grail of all drug levels, without it being all about drugs. It appealed more to the lifestyle,” Push said of his top 3 coke rappers. ‘Textually I’m going to say I’m next. And I’ll say Jeezy is third because I don’t believe there was a stronger moment than Kick or die

Push later retracted claims that his new project would not focus on coke, as he said earlier this year. “I was just kidding,” he said.

Still, Push elaborated on his feelings for the term “coke rap” in hip-hop, explaining that the term is a “lazy way to describe his craft.” “It’s funny because I get a lot of criticism for the term ‘coke rap’,” he said. “Either they finish it or they find ways to make it cheaper. It goes through a cycle and by the time the album cycle is done it’s back to, ‘Oh, it’s just this, it’s just that.’ And then I watch the same people shoot the genre down when I’m at it, they sit back. Then, in my absence, it changes to, ‘Oh man, this is great lyricism.'”