Quebec Freedom Convoy Leader Released From Prison

Another leader of the so-called Freedom Convoy, Steeve Charland, was released from prison on Monday.

Charland, 48, was arrested in February by officers from the Ontario Provincial Police in Vanklek Hill, Ontario, and charged with mischief and advising to commit mischief.

He has been in jail ever since, but was released on bail on Monday.

Charland agreed not to stage or promote protests related to COVID-19 or the “Freedom Convoy” as part of his bail terms. He should also stay away from Parliament Hill and not post any content on social media.

A publication ban prevents coverage of other details about his appearance in court.

Out of Grenville, Que., Charland is known as a spokesperson for: Les Farfadaas, a group from Quebec formed to protest public health measures.

Charland of well-known far-right group in Quebec

That group is made up of The suitconsidered by experts to be a far-right, anti-Islam and anti-immigration group.

Charland previously held a senior position within The suitwhich maintains an active social media presence and promotes itself as a campaign for the defense of freedom of expression and democracy, as well as for promoting secularism.

people wear Les Farfadaas patches and leather jackets were often found around the protest site during the three-week occupation of Ottawa.

The group was also responsible for occupying a parking lot in the Hull sector of downtown Gatineau, Que., not far from the primary demonstration site in Ottawa.

After being forced to vacate this property by a court, they moved to the parking lot of the Notre-Dame-du-Très-Saint-Rosaire church in Gatineau, Que., before leaving under police escort 24 hours later.

King appears, returns to court on Thursday

Another convoy leader, Pat King, also appeared in court on Monday. Towards the start of his appearance, King expressed his frustration in an open courtroom over communication difficulties. An attorney representing King, Cal Rosemond, said he had not been able to speak with King recently and requested that the two be allowed to speak.

After a brief hiatus, Rosemond requested that the case be adjourned until Thursday so King could speak of his “lawyer potential.”

“I need to discuss this with someone because a team of lawyers is supposed to be working on it,” King said.

He also requested – and was refused – a publication ban. King expressed his frustration at regularly illegally broadcasting court proceedings on social media.

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