Queen gives Prince Andrew a chance?

Queen Elizabeth apparently gave a chance to her disgraced son Prince Andrew when the monarch allowed him to be the center of attention at Prince Philip’s memorial service at Westminster Abbey on Tuesday.

The Duke of York, who starred in the ceremony, did his best to melt the Queen’s heart with his heartwarming gesture.

Andrew understood that he had had his way after lobbying to bring his 95-year-old mother to her seat because she “couldn’t say no to her favorite son,” despite alleged objections from Prince William and Charles.

The Dean of Westminster was expected to escort the monarch to her seat as the prince followed her, but footage taken shortly after they entered the abbey shows Andrew Royal clinging to his mother’s arm.

Some royal fans and critics disagreed, accusing the royals of completely misinterpreting the public mood by playing such a prominent role just weeks after agreeing a multi-million pound settlement with his rape prosecutor Virginia Giuffre, whose claims he has always denied.

Prince Andrew’s older brother, Prince Charles and cousin William were also reportedly unhappy with his stunt as he put himself “at the front of the service”.

The royal family faces a furious backlash over Duke’s hijacking of the ceremony intended to focus on Philip.

The Queen, who was heavily involved in arranging the service, seemingly gave Prince Andrew a chance to find his way and abide by the firm’s rules with slightly teary-eyed amid backlash.

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