Queens Borough President Donovan Richards Supports Plan to Use Ferries to Take People to LaGuardia Airport

NEW YORK — There may soon be a new way to get to LaGuardia Airport.

Queens Borough president Donovan Richards is pushing the idea of ​​adding boat service, CBS2’s Kevin Rincon reported Monday.

The trek to LaGuardia isn’t easy, but Richards has a new suggestion.

“It’s a ferry, a good plan for a ferry,” Richards said.

He wants to exploit the waterways. He supports a Port Authority proposal to extend a ferry service from Manhattan to Queens.

“The stops the ferry would make are LaGuardia Airport, 14th Street and then up to 34th Street,” Richards said.

It would also stop along East 90th and Pier 11 downtown.

Improving access to LaGuardia has been a focus for years, and this plan follows government leader Kathy Hochul’s decision last October to pull the plug on former government Andrew Cuomo’s $2.1 billion air train plan.

“It didn’t seem to take the local community into account,” Richards said.

He said the ferry service would help more than just tourists, but also residents of Queens, who currently have no public transport options.

The planes entering LaGuardia are hovering just a meter above where the ferries would arrive and the council president says the infrastructure needed for the terminals is already there and could be up and running quite soon. Some people Rincon spoke to said the ferry would not only be a faster option, but also safer.

“To be honest, I’d rather be out there than on the subway,” said one person.

“The ferries in general are really brilliant, the amount of people using them. I walk on this river all the time and it’s extremely busy,” added Gerri Meegan of Stuyvesant Town.

Along the East River, as Brooklynites, Jay and Nina Levy said that if the ferry took them to LaGuardia, it’s an option they’d consider.

“A good idea overall, and we’d use it,” Jay Levy said.

“I think it’s a great idea. The more transport on the water and not on the street, that’s what I’m all for,” added Nina Levy.

Congestion on the roads is something the district chairman also spoke about.

“Getting people off the highways, out of cars, this is a common sense plan that can go a long way if there’s the political will to make it happen,” Richards said.

Critics of the plan say ridership could be an issue.

From here, the proposal, along with more than a dozen others, will undergo an independent review, with the hopes, as Richards said, of moving Queens into the future.

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