Red River Floodway now in operation, to the rising waters around Winnipeg. to lead

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The Red River Floodway is now in operation, carrying some of the river water around Winnipeg into the bypass channel.

The control structure was activated shortly before 10 a.m. Friday by Manitoba’s Minister of Infrastructure, Doyle Piwniuk, who posted about it on his Twitter account.

The county uses the Flood Road — a 47-mile canal between St. Norbert and Lockport that runs along the eastern edge of Winnipeg — to divert some of the Red’s flow and maintain a manageable level through the city during peak seasons. to maintain.

On Wednesday, the county said the level of the Red River in Winnipeg at James Avenue is expected to peak between 17.4 and 18.4 feet above the normal winter ice level. The peak is expected between April 10 and 16.

In recent years, where there have been spring floods, the peak has typically been in the range of 17 to 20 feet James, according to city data. The normal river level in summer is 6.5 feet James, the city says. During the Flood of the Century of 1997, the peak was 24.5 feet James.

While no significant precipitation events are forecast for the next three days, officials are monitoring a system expected to hit southern Manitoba and the Red River Basin in the United States by mid-to-late next week, which could alter previous predictions. , the county said in a Friday flood bulletin.

The Red has already blown over in some communities south of the city, the county says, including Emerson, St. Jean Baptiste and Letellier, and is near the peak at Morris.

A flood warning remains on the Red River from St Jean Baptiste to Morris, at St Adolphe and near Selkirk due to ice congestion.

Other areas along the Red River from the US border to Winnipeg are under flood control, where there is a risk of moderate flooding.

How does the Red River Floodway work?

The Red River moved, twitching and threatening some property in Winnipeg, but it made it over some submerged riverbanks with little damage. The county activated the Red River Floodway on March 31 to control levels in the city. 0:24

Bridge at Selkirk. closed

The Selkirk Bridge and Highway 204 were closed earlier this week as water from the Red River spilled over the roadway.

The Selkirk Bridge was closed earlier this week due to high water levels along the Red River. (Gary Solilak/CBC)

Closing the bridge during high season is not uncommon, but has not been necessary in recent years, said Duane Nicol, the chief executive of the city of Selkirk.

The city is also building levees in some low-lying areas and sealing off some parks at risk of flooding, he said.

“You know, if Selkirk has a flood, Winnipeg is already lost. So we’re pretty high up here and protected,” he said.

“It’s just some of the more low-lying areas here, mostly parks.”

Still, at Manitoba’s Naval Museum, they’re not taking any chances after a 2007 flood caused water to spill into their building and damage some of their artifacts.

The museum’s manager, Shay Nordal, said she and her staff started moving items to higher elevations a month ago.

“Mother Nature and ice cream jam, they’re just unpredictable,” Nordal said.

Brace yourself for rising waters north of Winnipeg

Residents of the rural community of St. Clements, north of town, where the flood channel waters re-enter the Red River, are being told to prepare for rising river levels.

The RM’s emergency coordinator, Tyler Freeman, says that with the flooding in effect, the community will be monitoring water levels closely throughout Friday evening and Saturday.

“We’ll have people watching — we’ll be in touch with our residents, just to see how high it’s going to get, until it’s time to respond,” Freeman said.

In the rural community of St. Clements, north of Winnipeg, the water level is rising. Residents are told to be aware that river levels can change quickly and drastically. (Sam Samson/CBC)

Residents along the Red River and Cooks Creek are urged to contact the council if they have any concerns, and sandbags are available if needed.

Freeman also said volunteers are on standby to fill more sandbags if needed.

Although there are road closures to keep people away, the municipality is warning people not to go near the river.

“The river is a powerful force,” Freeman said.

“If you’ve ever seen the ice pile up, it’s huge. It’s a few feet thick and the size of cars floating around, so yes, it can be very dangerous. So definitely stay away.”

West of Winnipeg, the county said a small amount of power is being used to clear ice from the Portage Diversion Channel, which carries water from the Assiniboine River to Lake Manitoba.

The Portage Diversion is expected to be commissioned this weekend. Downstream on the Assiniboine will be restricted to avoid ice jamming.

Selkirk deal with rising Red River

CBC’s Sam Samson reports on Selkirk, where people are hoping for the best but preparing for the worst as the spring melt is a known problem. 2:33

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