Royal Rule Means Queen Can Get Gifts From Prince George

There are many quirks that Queen Elizabeth likes as the undisputed head of the British Royal Family, but one seems more pernicious than most.

At any time, if she’s in the mood, the Queen can take away gifts given to every other member of the royal family, including her beloved great-grandchildren Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis.

The explanation for this amazing, if ridiculous, power can be found in the family’s seven-page handbook on gifts, reports MyLondon.

The comprehensive package leaflet indicates when family members can accept them, when to reject or return them, and how they will be registered.

When it comes to official gifts, no one is safe

It’s not as simple as giving Louis a teddy bear and it’s his. It may sound cruel, but that teddy bear will never be his unless he takes the throne one day – and the Queen knows it.

The same draconian rules apply to all gifts given from outside to members of the royal family.

However, the gifts Prince William’s children personally receive from him remain outside the Queen’s clutches.

The Royal Family’s own rules state, “Gifts are defined as official when received during an official engagement or duty or in connection with the official role or duties of a member of the Royal Family.”

Gifts William and Kate give to their children are safe

This includes so-called “walkabouts” among members of the public, as well as official visits in the UK and abroad.

But anything as small as a ribbon received as an “official gift” is the private property of the Queen, regardless of who received it. The directive says: “Official gifts are not the private property of the member of the royal family who receives them, but are instead received in an official capacity as part of official duties in support of and on behalf of the Queen.”

However, unless Liz wanted to be known as the Great Grandma gift snatcher henceforth, it seems unlikely that she would exercise her royal prerogative.

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