Rumors Of New Host, Cast To Be Named For ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ 2022

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It was finally confirmed that Bachelor in Paradise returns for another season. The cast and crew will most likely be filming in Mexico again. Season 8 will most likely also be filmed when it normally is in June. The show is rumored to premiere on television in September The Bachelor. So far, no host has been officially named. However, there seems to be a new host. Keep reading to learn more.

Bachelor in Paradise rumored new host

There has been much speculation about who will host season 8 of Bachelor in Paradise. Some think that Jesse Palmer will step in and host the summer spin-off because he’s been named the regular host of The Bachelor and The Bachelor.

Others think they can do what they did in Season 7 and have hosts running again. However, it seems the majority of fans would like to see bartender Wells Adams host the Paradise.

So, who is rumored to be the person who has the job? The I love to see it podcast shared that the new rumor host for BEEP is Wells Adams. It’s unclear if he will remain the resident bartender as well or if that position will move to someone else.

So far, ABC has yet to officially announce the new host or cast. However, the speculation continues.

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Rumors cast list

The podcast also discussed potential participants for Bachelor in Paradise. Some of the names mentioned include Justin Glaze from Katie Thurston’s season, Olu from Michelle Young’s season, Mikey Planeta, and Andrew Spencer will reportedly also be in Katie’s season. In fact, it’s rumored that Andrew is looking forward to potentially meeting Teddi Wright at the beach.

Other Michelle’s season rumored to be making an appearance in Mexico include Casey, Rodney and Brandon.

As for the women, Teddi, Serene, Shanae, Cassidy, Marlena and Mara are reportedly headed for BEEP also.

There is also speculation that Elizabeth Corrigan was not even invited to appear on the show. Remember, Shanae was horrible to Elizabeth and belittled her for having ADHD. There is no word whether this is correct or just a rumor. However, it looks like she won’t be going to the beach for a while.

Of course it will take a few months before the recordings start and so things can change. In addition, no doubt other past participants will be invited to look for love on the beach.

What do you think of these new rumours?

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