Russell T Davies’ Lost Doctor Who Story Is Released

Former and upcoming doctor who Boss Russell T Davies’ lost story is finally released.

Some 20 years before bringing The Doctor back to the screens, Davies wrote his first doctor who adventure that… went nowhere for a long time. It’s called ‘Mind of the Hodiac’, written in 1985.

In December 2020 he has announced he had dug up and encouraged his old script doctor who audio drama producers Big Finish to bring ‘Mind of the Hodiac’ to life – so that’s what they did!

Davies adapted his ’80s screenplay into an audio drama with director Scott Handcock, and it’s now available to listen as both a physical CD (£14.99) and a digital file (£12.99) of Big Finish in both the UK and the US.

Great finish

Doctor Who: Mind of the Hodiaco

In this series, a mysterious creature known as The Hodiac manipulates the global stock market to quickly raise money for a nefarious purpose – to hire out the galaxy’s most notorious mercenaries.

The Doctor (Colin Baker) and his faithful companion Mel Bush (Bonnie Langford) become involved when they discover an unusual connection between The Hodiac and an ordinary family on Earth experiencing psychological trauma.

“Who would have thought, as I sat there in that little flat in Roath, Cardiff, bashing on an electric typewriter my mother bought me for my 21st birthday…?” Davies announced in Doctor Who magazine.

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“Of course I wrote it in the hopes that it would be made – and here we are, all these years later. This whole thing… it’s very strange that I come back to doctor who [on television] at the same time, because none of this was planned. But it all feels as one. It feels like a whole. It feels like it was meant to be.”

Sixth Doctor actor Colin Baker also shared his excitement at bringing RTD’s lost vision to life: “When I heard that Russell T Davies found a script he wrote in the 1980s and that it was going to be released by Big Finish, I honestly didn’t know I didn’t think it would be for me – but it was!

“Bonnie Langford and I were playing our roles on TV when he wrote it, so it was a real honor to know I was the first doctor he scripted for.

“‘Mind of the Hodiac’ is a very good adventure. It was also interesting because in the script you can see the germs of the writer he would become. It’s a very simple but clever construction with ordinary people and extraordinary things.”

great aftertaste, Bonnie Langford, Colin Baker

Great finish

This audio drama may be a hint of what’s to come when RTD returns as doctor who producer for the show’s 60th anniversary next year.

The writer recently promised to add “brand new ways to tell the stories” along the way, to Radio Times: “I wouldn’t go back if it didn’t feel new. But that’s the point” doctor who – every episode is new. Every episode.”

doctor whoThe next special, ‘Legend of the Sea Devils’, will premiere on BBC One in the UK on 17 April. In the US, the show will air on BBC America, with series 1-12 available on HBO Max

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