Russian soldiers refuse to carry out orders, Britain’s spy chief says

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VLadimir Putin’s advisers are afraid to tell him the truth about the progress of his invasion of Ukraine, but the magnitude of the Russian leader’s “misjudgments” must be “crystal clear to the regime,” the British chief said. spy agency GCHQ.

In a rare public speech during a visit to Australia, Sir Jeremy Fleming said Putin had “massively misjudged the situation”.

“It is clear that he misjudged the resistance of the Ukrainian people,” said Sir Jeremy.

“He underestimated the strength of the coalition that his actions would boost. He underestimated the economic impact of the sanctions regime. He overestimated the capabilities of his military to achieve a quick victory.

“We have seen Russian soldiers – short of weapons and morale – refusing to carry out orders, sabotaging their own equipment and even accidentally shooting down their own plane.

“And while we believe Putin’s advisers are afraid to tell him the truth, the regime needs to be crystal clear about what’s going on and the extent of these misjudgments.”

Sir Jeremy said it had become Putin’s personal war, “the cost of which is being paid by innocent people in Ukraine and increasingly ordinary Russians too”.

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