Russians told to keep quiet about murdered family in Ukraine: report

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  • A Russian journalist says families are being told to suppress news of military relatives killed in Ukraine.
  • “They say there is no need to make a fuss now,” the Siberian journalist told the BBC.
  • Russian state media heavily censors news of the invasion and portrays it as a success.

A Russian journalist says families of soldiers killed in Ukraine are being told to remain silent, and newspapers are being told not to report any fatalities.

“All local media have been instructed by the regional government not to publish data about losses in Ukraine,” said the journalist, who works in the Siberia region. told BBC World correspondent Olga Ivshina

The journalist said that “there are cases where local officials are putting pressure on the relatives of the victims and ordering them to remain silent,” Ivshina said.

“They say, now we don’t have to make a fuss, we’ll find a way to remember your boys later.”

After weeks without addressing losses in Ukraine, Russia last week said 1,351 of its soldiers had died in the offensive.

The total was far less than the number Ukraine claims to have killed. A NATO official estimated that a more accurate estimate was between 7,000 and 15,000.

According to Ivshina, Russian journalists are also being targeted by reports of war dead.

“There is evidence of increasing pressure on local journalists in Russia reporting on the military losses – some previous publications about fallen soldiers have been removed. Sometimes it happens within a day or two, sometimes within an hour.” she tweeted.

Ukraine’s Deputy Prime Minister Iryna Vereshchuk recently said Russia has refused to provide Ukraine with lists of missing Russian troops so that their bodies can be returned, the Guardian reported.

“The Russian authorities don’t want these bodies,” she said.

Russia has also been accused of using mobile crematorium rooms to hide the actual number of soldiers killed in the conflict in Ukraine.

“These guys carry those cremation chambers for themselves,” Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said earlier this month, without providing evidence.

Russian state media portray the invasion of Ukraine, which they call a “special military operation,” as a success and news of the war is heavily censored.

However, some journalists break the step.

Russian state TV editor Marina Ovsyannikova stormed a live news broadcast on Channel One with an anti-war protest sign earlier this month, and her colleague Zhanna Agalakova recently publicly resigned over the war.

Top officials from Ukraine and Russia met on Tuesday for peace talks in Turkey, with Ukraine saying it is open to declaring neutral status to end the war.

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