Sarah Michelle Gellar of Buffy Talks to Alyson Hannigan Feud

And while many rumored to blame Sarah as the root of the alleged feud with Alyson and other on-set issues, her castmates believed otherwise.

Emma Caulfield, who played Anya on the show, told author Evan Ross Katz this:

“She was the lead on the show. It was definitely an ensemble cast, but the show lived and died with her. There’s a level of power there and a level of voice that has to be accounted for. And if that’s not received well… yes, by certain people with big egos who are not interested in working that way, yes, then there will be a conflict, there are so many examples of what has happened from top to bottom of, ‘This will be the girls really hate each other. This will make the men angry. This is going to unleash toxic shit.” And…and it did.”

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