School Board Approves Community Engagement Officers

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SCHENECTADY, ​​NY (NEWS10) — The community made their voices heard Wednesday night as the Schenectady City School Board passed a resolution allowing community involvement officials in schools. The school board approved the measure to allow officers into schools by a vote of 4 to 3.

The school board said it has participated in a pilot program for school workers in the past and it has worked out well. Some told the board they don’t want officers at the school, as this may traumatize the students.

“If you know what we know now about the state of the police and the justice system in America, the friction that exists between the police and our community, could you look any student in the eye and promise them beyond a doubt that these officers don’t make them feel unsafe or threatened,” said Schenectady High School resident and alumnus Shay Fitzgerald.

“As someone with 31 years of experience and interactions within the school district and within the community, I believe that with the addition of this program, we all have a great opportunity to not only maintain the great relationships we already have, but also an opportunity to build new relationships on a safe and neutral ground,” said Schenectady Officer Nicholas Ottati.

The program would place officers in the district’s high schools and another officer in the high school.

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