Secret Daughter Anthony Chen Directs Priyanka Chopra Sienna Miller Amazon – Deadline

EXCLUSIVE: Amazon Studios Negotiates Feature Deal for Shipli Somaya Gowda Novel secret daughter, with an impressive package featuring Chinese helmer Anthony Chen (llo llo, wet season) attached to directing Priyanka Chopra Jonas and Sienna Miller in the lead roles. Shruti Ganguly will adapt the novel.

David Beaubaire and Vanessa Lanci of Sunset Lane Media will co-produce with Purple Pebble Productions of Chropra Jonas, Sienna Miller and Tori Cook.

The international bestselling drama tells a worldwide story through the eyes of two women who are connected by a child. Somer is a newly married doctor in San Francisco who makes the devastating discovery that she will never be able to have children. That same year, a poor mother in India makes the heartbreaking choice to save the life of her newborn daughter by giving her away. Kavita will be haunted by that decision any moment for the rest of her life. Asha is the child adopted from an orphanage in Mumbai that binds the two women’s fates. The novel follows both families, invisibly linked, until Asha’s journey of self-discovery takes her back to India.

Chopra Jonas is represented by UTA, Miller by WME, Chen by UTA and Somaya Gowda by CAA.

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