Seo Hyo Rim, ‘The Red Sleeve’ Star, Gets Her First Movie Starring For New ‘Inception’-Inspired Thriller

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For the first time in her career, Seo Hyo Rim is getting a starring role in a feature film!

On April 1, Seo Hyorim’s agency MAGIQ Entertainment officially announced that the actress, who recently appeared in the hit drama “The Red Sleeve”, had been cast as the lead actor in the upcoming movie “In Dream” (literal title).

Seo Hyorim has been confirmed to appear in ‘In Dream’ and filming will begin [soon]the agency said. “She is currently working hard to prepare detailed psychological acting and create a new kind of acting transformation that she has never shown before, so please look forward to it.”

Described as a Korean version of “Inception”, “In Dream” is a crime thriller starring Seo Hyo Rim as Yoo Hong Hwa, a woman who can both control her own dreams and enter the dreams of others. To find a missing friend of hers, Yoo Hong Hwa decides to enter the dreams of a serial killer.

Seo Hyo Rim commented: “Because [Yoo Hong Hwa] is a role that leads the whole story and interacts with all the other characters, I do feel a lot of pressure. But I boldly chose to accept this role because I thought that as an actress I could show a new side of Seo Hyo Rim that many people have not yet experienced.”

While you wait for “In Dream”, check out Seo Hyo Rim in “The Red Sleeve” with subtitles below!

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