Shailene Woodley, Aaron Rodgers, Vineyards and Casinos: The Couple’s Weekend Revisited

Shailene Woodley and Aaron Rodgers, a couple who do things a little differently here have spent another weekend together. They were seen enjoying a bit of vino with some friends at the Demetria winery in Los Olivos, California, reportedly after a night out at the Chumash Casino Resort in Santa Ynez. Those who keep up with their on-again, off-again relationship will find that these are extremely date-esque things to do for a couple who reportedly ended their engagement and are now looking into getting back together. †

“They seemed very happy. [Shailene] sat on [Aaron’s] shot while they were sitting at the table with friends…. They kissed each other’s heads and were very affectionate,” he said People‘s spy.

For every other famous couple could not comment this weekend, but their story is like the new marriage plot. The status of a relationship with a celebrity in question remains in question until a marriage certificate is obtained by TMZ (or one of them announces, via publicist or in a joint statement, that it is over). Each chapter of this story consists of photos of Rodgers and Woodley doing the normal things couples from Sacramento to Chevy Chase do: going to casinos, going to wineries, attending a wedding, shopping at a supermarket.

The suspense is that, well, their different-but-free crunch feels at odds with such normal hangs. As if they weren’t walking to an eco-resort in Belize, can we trust that they really are? Especially when the pictures make it look like Rodgers is using his new $150 million contract to buy up his own piece of the Jersey Shore.

Perhaps this is the core of their compelling characters in this chapter. She looks like she just walked out of the woods naked and innocent into this winery and he looks like every character Al Pacino ever played (that’s a compliment). They seem to be of different houses, both equally worthy; he is pride, she is prejudice. And they’re just here at wine hour and doing what any couple would do. None of it is right; it’s all perfect.

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