Shenseea sued for $10 million over claims ‘lick’ sample was not erased

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Shortly after the release of her debut album, alpha, Shenseea was hit by a $10 million lawsuit.

The reggae star and her label, Interscope Records, are being sued over her single “Lick,” which features Megan Thee Stallion. Dancehall Mag† According to the lawsuit, Shenseea ripped elements from Denise Belfon’s song “Work” without first deleting the sample. The one taking Shenseea, Atal Music Limited, Alexandre Escolier to court is Anastas Hackett, known as Nas-T, who co-wrote, produced and recorded the song with Belfon. The lawsuit states that a request was made in September 2021 to use portions of “Work,” but the request was denied due to “the inadequate terms provided.”

The nature of the use of the original song is twofold: (1) an isolated 8-second vocal example of the phrase “put your back in it”, which can be found in the intro @0:00-0:08 and in the outro @ 2:23-2:31 of the new work; and (2) repeating the same phrase (“put your back in it”) for 14 seconds, heard 6x in each chorus @ 0:23-0:37, 1:07-1:21, and 1: 53-2:07. In fact, the use of the phrase “put your back in it” is integral to the overall rhythmic feel of the new work and is a constant reminder of its relationship to the original song.

Although the request was denied, Shenseea and her team went ahead and sampled the song “without authority or permission” and “used significant parts
of Plaintiffs’ music “Work” without properly naming Plaintiffs, released the song “Lick” on or about January 21, 2022, in violation of the U.S. Copyright Act.”

The lawsuit said that “the defendants were notified that they were using the plaintiffs’ work without permission and that they are infringing the plaintiffs’ copyright, but that the defendants have failed to correct their actions.”

Shenseea denied stealing the song during an Instagram Live in January.

“Why should we risk being sued?” she said. “And it’s not something that bothers me; It’s because I know people will run with this story… It’s really just ignorance for real.”

Romeich Major told Dancehall Mag that he was unaware of a lawsuit filed and denied that the sample was not approved because Interscope Records would not let that happen.

Hackett begged to disagree and said he was taking them to court.

“It’s an administrative matter, they said” Dancehall Mag† “It’s a hot topic in the courts right now and I have legal advice so I can’t say much.”

This lawsuit comes after Hackett confirmed the sample was authorized when they discussed how they felt about Shenseea using the song.

“I think it’s a great thing, especially when they’re seeking permission to be used in songs instead of taking it at random,” Hackett told me. JamaicaSTAR.

Belfon had sent Shenseea and Megan Thee Stallion her best wishes after “Lick” was released.

“I would like to send love and congratulations to Shenseea, Megan Thee Stallion and their record labels Interscope, 300 Entertainment, Warner Music Group and their management teams, Mr. Romeich and Wassim Salxo ‘Sal’ and the producers ‘Murder on the Beat’ for considering and using my song ‘work / put your back in it’ on their mega hit Lick,” said Carribean outlet Ebuzzt.

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