Should I Speak Up About a Boyfriend’s Messy Divorce?

Bestinau got that-

DEAR HARRIETTE: I am an adult child of divorced parents. The messiness of my parents’ divorce certainly affected me well into adulthood.

Harriette Cole

I am currently watching my boyfriend go through a divorce. The mess he exposes his kids to reminds me a lot of my parents. It’s so hard to watch, and I feel incredibly sad for the kids.

Should I say something to my friend about his actions and the possible effects? I know it may not be my place, but I wish someone had stepped in for me when my parents got divorced.

Not my place

BEST NOT MY PLACE: What you could do is ask your friend if you can get together and talk. If you’re together, ask permission to share your story with him.

Instead of judging what your boyfriend does or doesn’t do, tell him stories about your life. Describe what you remember about your parents’ divorce as specifically as you remember. Tell him how you felt about the things you saw and how confusing and heartbreaking it has been for you, even now as an adult.

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