STAR WARS Fan Art Gives John Boyega’s Finn The Jedi Transformation The Sequel Trilogy Could Not Be Delivered

The hope had been that ex-Stormtrooper Finn would become a Jedi in the Star Wars sequel trilogy, but it never happened. But now a new fan art is imagining what that might look like in a future movie.

In Star Wars: The Force Awakens, we were introduced to Finn, a Stormtrooper who left his post to eventually fight back against the First Order. Marketing materials for the film suggested he might be a Jedi in the making, but the last Jedi moved on from that idea, instead establishing the character as a serial deserter who eventually decided to become a hero (again).

JJ Abrams, who wanted to undo most of what Rian Johnson did in his film, spent quite a bit of The Rise of Skywalker teasing a big revelation about Finn that never came. However, we would later learn that he was starting to show signs of being a Force user, although it was too little too late at the time.

John Boyega has expressed disappointment and frustration with the way Finn’s story was handled, and unless we get a sequel to the sequel trilogy, we’ll probably never see him turn into a Jedi.

Thankfully, a new piece of fan art (via reveals what that might have looked like. This is an idea with a lot of potential, but not even original Episode IX Director Colin Trevorrow planned to let Finn use the Force. Instead, he would become a resistance hero who would fight the good fight on Coruscant in an epic final battle that would ultimately have brought an end to the First Order.

Love them or hate them, the Star Wars sequels were a mess. We could talk forever about what could have been, but finally amazing works of art like this give us a visual representation of that. When we see Finn again, fingers crossed, he’ll be swinging a lightsaber next to Rey, but we won’t hope so.

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