Steven Spielberg directs musicals after West Side Story

Steven Spielberg at the AFI Awards lunch

Steven Spielberg at the AFI Awards Luncheon
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Little known director Steven Spielberg has decided that he will leave the stage when it comes to future musical directing opportunities. After getting caught seven Oscar nominations—including one for Best Director—with his remake of West Side Storythe jaws director has revealed he has no plans to direct any more musicals Variety

During a breakfast panel for the Producers Guild of America Awards ceremony Spielberg killed our dreams of a musical adaptation of Jurassic Park by announcing that he is stepping down from directing the genre.

He must have been tired of future musicals after his attempts to… West Side StoryStephen Sondheim’s rights. Spielberg opened up about the ordeal to the PGA panel† He remembers being stuck with the famous Broadway lyricist’s dogs sniffing at his crotch as he was “afraid to push them away.” [as] I didn’t mean to offend him.”

However, that doesn’t mean he won’t be involved in some high-profile music films at all. Spielberg co-produces, with Oprah Winfrey, The color purple what is one music movie adaptation of the hit Broadway show, starring Danielle Brooks and Fantasia Taylor. Spielberg originally produced and directed the 1985 film, earning eleven Oscar nominations for the Whoopi Goldberg-led film and Spielberg’s first win at the Director’s Guild of America Awards.

However, if you’re not a musical fan, Spielberg’s upcoming movie the fables goes back to his success with coming-of-age films. Loosely based on the director’s childhood growing up in Arizona, the fables Paul Dano plays Spielberg’s father, Michelle Williams as his mother, Seth Rogen as his uncle, and a random David Lynch is probably doing his Lynchian thing† The sort of autobiographical film comes out on November 23, 2022, the perfect time for a family outing after Thanksgiving.

Always the busy man, Spielberg also tries to make a movie based on Another Famous Steve – Steve McQueen’s 1968s Police Detective Character Frank Bullitt bullitt† Goodbye choreographed dance sequences, hello extended chase scenes!

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