Stop making TV about scams! How shows about scammers created the most boring premise of the year | Television

NClearly, 2022 is already an irreparable train wreck and, between the prospect of crippling widespread poverty and total nuclear armament, none of us have much mental space left for less. That said, is anyone else getting tapped with all the scam shows on TV?

They are suddenly everywhere. The Tinder Swindler was a scam show. Inventing Anna was a scam show. Worst Roommate Ever was a scam show. Bad Vegan is a scam show. WeCrashed is a scam show. The Dropout is a scam show. All of these shows have been released in the past few weeks. Plop down on your couch at the end of another long day spent mulling over the future of humanity, and chances are you’ll end up watching a series about a charismatic villain who does his best to protect the vulnerable. to put. We are reaching an epidemic level here, which is clearly the last thing we need.

Worst Roommate Ever… a bleak documentary. Photo: Netflix

Making matters worse is that, to put it politely, almost every show I’ve mentioned is absolute crap. Worst roommate ever was a gloomy, true crime doctor. Inventing Anna turned out to be the result of some alarmingly bad decisions, in that it was mostly a show about the world’s most obnoxious journalist (and there’s tough competition) fussing about her career while the actual story unfolds. the background was playing. WeCrashed is a bad movie that stretches into a serpentine series to, I think, punish humanity for its crimes. Only The Dropout, the Disney+ Theranos series, stands as competent. But who has the enthusiasm for yet another scammer show in a sea of ​​them?

Why are there so many all of a sudden? What have we done to deserve this wretched abundance? They may just be a reflection of the times we live in. Things are bad for everyone and they get worse quickly, so there’s something appealing about television shows where we can see brutal bad guys indulging in the get-rich-quick schemes that most of us only dream about. We all trudge on, turning joyless shifts for pennies, for companies that don’t care about our well-being – but these people are on a rocket ship to the moon.

The Dropout... Naveen Andrews and Amanda Seyfried star in one of the better true crime dramas - if you can find the enthusiasm.
The Dropout… Naveen Andrews and Amanda Seyfried star in one of the better true crime dramas – if you can find the enthusiasm. Photo: PictureLux/The Hollywood Archive/Alamy

There’s something really alluring about the story of Anna Delvey, Anna Delvey, Anna’s anti-hero, about the confidence she must have had to live so big on nothing but charm and promises. There’s something fascinating about Elizabeth Holmes of The Dropout’s ability to attract unimaginable amounts of money for an idea that didn’t really work. Maybe deep down we all wish we had the balls to run scams like this.

Or maybe we enjoy the fall from grace. After all, all these shows are about people who were eventually discovered, giving us the visceral dopamine hit of watching as these scammers are punished for breaking the rules. The only reason to watch WeCrashed (and this isn’t reason enough, by the way, so don’t really watch it) is for the part where the whole bloated, overvalued WeWork empire begins to collapse. It’s the fall of Rome, but in miniature and worse because Jared Leto is in it.

Bad vegan: fame.  fraud.  Refugees... Sarma Melngailis and her dog Leon: Once a celebrated New York restaurateur, now the subject of a show about fraud.
Bad vegan: fame. fraud. Refugees… Sarma Melngailis and her dog Leon: Once a celebrated New York restaurateur, now the subject of a show about fraud. Photo: Courtesy of Netflix/Netflix

On the other hand, I have a theory as to why this type of show has gotten so much attention so quickly. My theory is that it all comes down to real crime. The true crime genre has been on the brink of saturation for years, to the point that every murder that has taken place anywhere in the world in the past 75 years now has its own six-part Netflix series. There are so many murder shows that it is now impossible to surprise anyone. They’ve all started merging into one, all hitting the same beats at the exact same time. A chimpanzee can make a killing show at this point.

And so we just went down the ladder. Now that murder is passé, it’s time for shady financial dealings to step into the spotlight for a moment. After all, they encompass many of the grassroots movements of murder — cheating, sociopathy, a desire not to get caught — except people are just being financially ruined instead of dead. I think this is just the beginning. In six months, this deluge of scam shows will look like a trickle. They will be even worse ubiquitous.

Then we go down the ladder again. What I’m trying to say is that this scam show craze is annoying, but give it a few years and it will seem like heaven compared to all the true crime shows about petty shoplifting that we will have to sit out.

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