Stray Kids Tops iTunes Charts Around The World With “ODDINARY”

Stray Kids is making a splash around the world with their latest comeback!

On March 18, Stray Kids released their new mini album “ODDINARY” along with the music video for the title track “MANIAC”.

Upon its release, the album topped the iTunes Top Albums charts in 53 regions, including the United States, Germany, Brazil, Australia, Japan, and more. “ODDINARY” also topped Hanteo Chart’s daily album chart and Gaon Chart’s daily album chart for March 18 and 19.

Earlier on March 16, Stray Kids also set a new personal best for stock pre-orders after “ODDINARY” surpassed 1.3 million stock pre-orders, which is an increase of approximately 400,000 from the 930,000 stock pre-orders recorded for their previous album “NOT EASY.” On the first day of the album’s release, “ODDINARY” sold 496,125 copies according to Hanteo Chart, which is about 140,000 more copies than the first day sales record of “NOEASY” with 355,946 copies. By March 19, a total of 535,540 copies of “ODDINARY” had been sold.

On March 19, Stray Kids’ title track “MANIAC” also topped the iTunes Top Songs charts in 35 regions, including Mexico, Singapore, Chile and more. The song also placed #1 on Bugs’ real-time chart and Vibe’s domestic trending chart.

On March 18, “MANIAC” entered the Spotify Global Top 200 chart at number 25, which is 61 places higher than the record set by “Thunderous” at number 86. Stray Kids is the third K-pop group to hit the charts with the title track and all B-sides of the album. The music video for “MANIAC” also surpassed more than 20 million views and was #1 on YouTube for three days.

Recently, Stray Kids showed their performance for “MANIAC” on “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” as part of the talk show’s “#LateShowMeMusic” series. The group is also preparing for their world tour.

Congratulations Stray Kids! Watch the music video for “MANIAC” here.

Watch Stray Kids on “Kingdom: Legendary War”:

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