Substation, roads and land in one of Birmingham’s most affluent suburbs for sale for just £1,000

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A ‘powerful’ strip of land with a substation plus roads in one of Birmingham’s wealthiest areas has been put up for sale with an asking price of just £1,000. The sale includes a land substation on Weymouth Drive, on the corner of Clarence Road in Four Oaks, Sutton Coldfield.

While parts of the roads at Weymouth Drive, Kensington Drive, Knightsbridge Close, Sandhurst Road and Balmoral Road are included in the deal. The total lot is 1,313 acres, about two-thirds the size of a football field.

It will be sold with a ‘bright spark’ from Birmingham City Council and will be auctioned on Wednesday 6 April by London auctioneer McHugh & Co and on the Rightmove site. The ‘exciting’ main lot is close to a primary school, train stations and shops, the latter of which are featured in the sales data.

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Handy for a drink and a snack while mowing the lawn or maybe filling the pits. The substation is situated on a piece of grassland, bounded by a fence from the adjacent plot and the public footpath. It also has some trees.

The plot information reads: “Electricity station, land and roads. The property is northeast of Clarence Road.

“An extensive range of shops and amenities are available in Sutton Coldfield to the south. Butlers Lane Station provides rail services. The property includes land, substation and roads extending to approximately 1,313 Acres.”

In addition to land with a substation, the successful bidder will also get some Four Oaks roads

The buyer will get back five percent of the asking price – renting the substation with just over half a century to go. But don’t expect to get rich from it.

In the particulars it read: “The substation which occupies part of the land is subject to a 99-year lease from 1 November 1973 (i.e. with approximately 50 unexpired) at a ground lease of £1 per annum. “

The substation and ground will come to the end of the online auction and will be lot 181 on April 6. The site’s price is a £1,000 target, but as with any auction it could go for a lot more, or not sell.

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