Sunrise co-hosts Natalie Barr and David Koch return after sick leave

Sunrise’s morning show is back to normal as co-hosts Natalie Barr and David “Kochie” Koch return to work after both fell ill last week.

The pair shed light on the unfortunate timing of their respective illnesses that took them off screen, saying they’d kept in touch during their absence and competed over who was sicker.

Koch was sent into self-isolation last week after testing positive for COVID-19, which he believes he contracted while attending a Red Cross appeal on Saturday night, March 12.

Barr took several rapid antigen tests that were all negative, but fell under the weather with a common cold.

Camera iconSunrise stars David Koch and Natalie Barr are back to host the morning show after Sam Ruttyn’s illness Credit: News Corp Australia

“I think your cold was worse than my COVID-19,” Kochie joked on Monday morning.

“I actually think my cold was worse than your COVID-19,” Barr confirmed.

Koch said in a statement Monday that he tested negative prior to the Australia Unites broadcast, but woke up Sunday morning feeling “rough”.

“I initially attributed that to the late finish and sharing the bottle of red wine Sylvia and Dr. Chris wanted to share (that’s my version and I’ll stick with it),” he said.

The 66-year-old’s symptoms were mild and he recovered at home with the care of his wife Libby, a registered nurse.

It was incredibly bad timing for Barr, who celebrated her first birthday as a Sunrise co-host while recovering in her lounge.

“It’s been almost 20 years since I started Sunrise so I’ve been a part of this show and it’s been my heart and soul and my life for a long time,” she told 7 Life.

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