Sylvester Stallone steps into the ring on NFTs – Deadline

EXCLUSIVE: Sylvester Stallone gets into the ring a lot with collectible NFTs. He launches the PlanetSly NFT Collection, consisting of 9,997 generative digital artworks celebrating his life and film career.

Sylvestser Stallone NFT
Thanks to Sylvestser Stallone

In addition to the various images of Stallone, some NFTs will feature exclusive and varying levels of interaction with Stallone, including a dinner, virtual movie screening, exclusive events and more, providing unique access to one of Hollywood’s major global stars.

The limited-edition NFT venture will launch in April and will include both blockchain-based and real life (IRL) collectibles. Curated by Stallone himself, PlanetSLY is a place for fans, collectors and NFT enthusiasts to become part of his NFT community. Stallone is hands-on in PlanetSLY’s creative process. The project celebrates an underdog who is the rocky screenplay in film history and is the only American actor to realize a number one box office film in six consecutive decades. The company was founded by, a company owned by Stallone and entrepreneur Bill Zanker.

The NFTs are called SLYguys. To qualify for an invite presale, NFT collectors and Stallone fans must show their ‘SLYLove’. They can post a video on TikTok, Instagram, Twitter or other social media channels. Videos can be an impression, art, performance, or any other item that shows Stallone fandom, even how Sly changed your life. For the April coin date, 9,999 SlyGuys will debut on the Ethereum blockchain. Stallone will autograph 25 of the rarest NFTs.

Some NFT holders can access the Ultimate Stallone Experience, Dinner and Afterparty in Miami, including a Gala Dinner with Stallone. He transfers the information through

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