He says a vasectomy would be too painful for him

DEAR HARRIETTE: My husband and I have two children together. The carrying, birthing and nursing of both children were very painful experiences for me. We do not want any more children. My husband says that a vasectomy would be too painful for him and is suggesting that I get my tubes tied instead. I can’t … Read more

I’m not supposed to tell them their daughter is pregnant

DEAR ABBY: My granddaughter “Anabelle” is expecting a baby in five months. We would like to be happy and excited for her and her husband except for one issue. She had a falling-out with her parents over planning her wedding, among other things. Her grandfather, my husband, walked her down the aisle because all parties … Read more

This stranger made my teen feel bad about an accident

DEAR MISS MANNERS: We were shopping at a farmer’s market and I had just placed my order at the butcher counter. My teen daughter was standing next to me and opted to move out of the area to make more room for others. As she turned, there was an older woman immediately behind her, so … Read more

What investors need to know about October’s complicated stock-market history

While September lived up to its reputation as a brutal month for stocks, October tends to be a “bear-market killer,” associated with historically strong returns, especially in midterm election years. Skeptics, however, are warning investors that negative economic fundamentals could overwhelm seasonal trends as what’s traditionally the roughest period for equities comes to an end. Rough … Read more

I worry that my cruelty drove my adopted sister away

DEAR HARRIETTE: I feel awful about the way I treated my adopted sibling when I was younger. I am now an adult. I was 5 years old when my mother adopted my foster sister, and she was 11. I have memories of poking fun at her for being adopted and for looking different than I … Read more

Father and his ‘perfect’ son wrecked our friend group

DEAR HARRIETTE: My friends and I all have children around the same age. So many of their experiences are similar. I have noticed that whenever one of the kids is not doing well, one parent is quick to tell us what his “perfect” son did that ours could emulate. It is nauseating. Before this guy … Read more

The bridesmaid is regretting what she got herself into

DEAR MISS MANNERS: My wife has become friendly with my friend’s fiancee over the past two years or so, but when she asked my wife to be in her wedding party, the request came as a bit of a surprise. My wife said yes, and has been regretting it ever since. We knew that the … Read more

My new co-worker is the woman who once fired me

DEAR HARRIETTE: Years ago, I worked as a teacher at a small private school. The school was so tiny that some of the supervisors were teachers themselves. I was fired abruptly one day by a supervisor who didn’t see my value. This was obviously crushing at the time, but I’ve since found a new school … Read more

I never know which version of my husband I’ll get

DEAR HARRIETTE: My husband is like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. One day he is screaming at me and telling me all the things I do wrong. He can be so mean and nasty. Then the next day, it’s like that never happened. He acts so nice and sweet and thoughtful. I never know which … Read more

What do we do about someone who thinks tipping is a racket?

DEAR ABBY: I recently returned from an annual girls trip with my retired teachers group. We all get along well and enjoy each other’s company except for one “fly in the ointment” who refuses to leave decent tips for great restaurant service. I’m talking about $2 on a $20 tab. We all pay our own … Read more