18 Best Wireless Headphones (2022): Earbuds, Noise Canceling, and More

Whether you’re listening to the latest episode of the Gadget Lab podcast or hitting the trail with Taylor Swift’s album on repeat, the right pair of wireless headphones can make or break your day. The only problem is that there are so many to choose from. WIRED’s Gear team is constantly testing new models, and … Read more

Nocs NS1100 Air Review: Great Wireless Sound, Sharp Design

I first encountered the Swedish audio company Nocs Design around 10 years ago, when it released a couple of stylish earbuds. I tested those—the titanium-bodied NS400 and the bass-forward NS600—and found both to be pretty great, with superb sound, sharp aesthetics, and a good in-ear fit. Nocs went on to make some nice DJ headphones … Read more

Syng Cell Alpha Wireless Speakers Review: Spatial Sorcery, Bass Bother

It’s a truth widely accepted that there’s very little point in trying to reinvent the wheel. Even those folks who attempt to update, modernize, or otherwise overhaul the concept of the wheel are, we can probably all agree, on a hiding to nothing.  Once talk turns to inventions only slightly less useful and slightly less perfect … Read more

16 Best Wireless Earbuds (2022): Truly Wireless, Cheap, Luxe, and More

wireless earbuds are one of those ideas that sounded like a dream at first: Pop a little headphone into each ear and listen to music or take calls untethered from everything. The first wireless buds were gigantic, died after a few hours, and had a bunch of other problems. Times have changed. There are tons … Read more

Roku Shares Tumble as Streaming-Device Giant Warns of Tough Holiday Season

Roku Inc. ROKU -4.35% said it expected revenue from its two main business drivers—advertising and sales of streaming hardware—to fall in the fourth quarter as macroeconomic conditions pressured both consumers and advertisers to reduce their spending, sending the company’s shares down 18% in after-hours trading. Chief Executive Anthony Wood told investors Wednesday that the coming … Read more

Nothing Ear (Stick) Review: Fine Sound, Funny Fit

“Nothing shall come of nothing.” As it turns out, that’s not exactly true. William Shakespeare may continue to have a more acute handle on the human condition than any other writer, but he simply can’t be relied on when it comes to the world of consumer electronics. Nothing is starting to mean something. Yes, the … Read more

Bowers & Wilkins Px8 Headphones Review: Premium Sound and Materials

Given that “overreach” can, according to Merriam-Webster, mean either “to reach above or beyond” or “to defeat (oneself) by seeking to do or gain too much,” it’s clear that context is everything. That its new Px8 wireless over-ear active noise-canceling headphones represent “overreach” on the part of Bowers & Wilkins is not really up for … Read more

SteelSeries’ Arena 7 Review: A Powerhouse for Gamers

I have a confession: I’ve been using the same desktop speakers for nearly 20 years. This set of budget Logitech speakers have, miraculously, served me well since 2004. When I started testing SteelSeries’ new Arena 7 speakers, they had an almost unfair hurdle to clear.  They impressed me enough to consider permanently upgrading, which is … Read more

Skullcandy Jib True 2 Transparency Series Review: Cute and Affordable

We’ve ranted, raved, and reminisced on times when tech was cool-looking and not industrial. It was colorful, unique, and, in its best form, it was clear. Somewhere along the way, someone decided we were no longer deserving, and now we have boring-looking cell phones and headphones for true-crime podcast listening. We’re so desperate for personality, … Read more

Apple AirPods Pro (2nd Generation) Review: A New Standard

Most people will probably be listening to hip-hop, pop, and other Apple Music-based jams on these things, and you’ll be well rewarded there, too. Kaytranada’s “Glowed Up” has been a favorite of mine for testing deep bass response, and these things smash it, providing lower oomph than I’ve probably ever heard from a pair of … Read more