‘Burn 350 calories and get 1 month’s salary’: Zerodha’s Nithin Kamath offers Rs 10 lakh reward to employees

Online broking firm Zerodha’s co-founder and CEO Nithin Kamath, on Saturday, announced a new health initiative for his company’s staff. He challenged them to set a daily activity goal on their fitness trackers and promised one month’s salary as a bonus to those who met their health goals over the next year. “Given that most of us … Read more

Scott Knies talks downtown San Jose, Google, economic growth, COVID

Scott Knies has been involved in San Jose’s business and economic scene for decades, stints that have been marked by multiple firsts. In 1982, Knies became the first executive director of The Fencing Center, opening the sports club’s first two locations in downtown San Jose. Knies then served as the Alum Rock Business Association Manager … Read more

Desperate Long COVID Patients Turn to Unproven Alternative Therapies

Editor’s note: Find more information about long COVID in Medscape’s Long COVID Resource Center. Sept. 22, 2022 – Entrepreneur Maya McNulty, 49, was one of the first victims of the COVID-19 pandemic. The Schenectady, NY, businesswoman spent 2 months in the hospital after catching the disease in March 2020. That September, she was diagnosed with … Read more

Why COVID Is Still Worse Than Flu

When is the pandemic “over”? In the early days of 2020, we envisioned it ending with the novel coronavirus going away entirely. When this became impossible, we hoped instead for elimination: If enough people got vaccinated, herd immunity might largely stop the virus from spreading. When this too became impossible, we accepted that the virus … Read more

Fitness Consumers Want Choices, Just Not Pelotons

Sept. 12, 2022 — Fitness consumers are flipping demands they made 2 years ago in the darkest days of the COVID pandemic. Then, conventional wisdom told us that gyms were dying because people would rather stay home and work out than risk exposure in a fitness facility. Now, the reverse seems true, with membership sales … Read more

People of Color Bearing Brunt of Long COVID, Doctors Say

Sept. 12, 2022 – From the earliest days of the COVID-19 pandemic, people of color have been hardest hit by the virus. Now, many doctors and researchers are seeing big disparities come about in who gets care for long COVID. Long COVID can affect patients from all walks of life. But many of the same … Read more

Long COVID Was a Preventable Tragedy. Some of Us Saw It Coming

Sept. 15, 2022 – It should have been the start of new insight into a debilitating illness. In May 2017, I was patient No. 4 in a group of 20 taking part in a deep and intense study at the National Institutes of Health aimed at getting to the root causes of myalgic encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue … Read more

Have Long COVID? Here’s Where to Go for Care

Sept. 20, 2022 – Patients who navigate what can feel like an endless series of checkups and lab tests to confirm a long COVID diagnosis face an even harder path ahead: Figuring out where to go for care. Treatment options are as complex and varied as the symptoms that come with this condition, experts say. … Read more

Biden said pandemic is over. What relief is still available?

(NewsNation) — President Joe Biden said in an interview that aired Sunday that the “pandemic is over,” but neither COVID-19 cases nor pandemic-related relief efforts have entirely disappeared. Biden made the remarks during an interview on “60 Minutes,” but as of Monday, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention still classified the COVID-19 outbreak as … Read more