Wilks, Flores will keep 49ers, Vikings in playoff picture for years

Steve Wilks was hired as the 49ers’ new defensive coordinator.Photo: Getty Images There’s something poetic about the rich getting richer in the NFL. The latest example of a rich team making the best move for its franchise comes from a rich individual who can’t see the writing on the wall in front of him. Enter … Read more

Eagles’ Nick Sirianni asked if Super Bowl is a ‘must win’ game

Gotta be a gag, right?Image: Getty Images In the Eagles’ Nick Sirianni’s first Super Bowl as a head coach, he experienced one of the true jewels of Super Bowl week: Being asked one of the most ridiculous questions that he will ever hear. One of the best things that the NFL does is credential almost … Read more

Lakers are biggest losers in Nets-Mavericks Kyrie Irving trade

Kyrie Irving: still not a LakerPhoto: Getty Images During a season in which league-wide parity has been the overarching theme, the drama-free Dallas Mavericks dove headfirst into unknown depths by acquiring team arsonist Kyrie Irving from the Brooklyn Nets. All it took was Dorian Finney-Smith, point guard Spencer Dinwiddie, some second-round picks, and a first-round … Read more

Tom Brady retirement beach sand up for auction on eBay

Screenshot: Twitter (left)/eBay (right) Somebody is willing to pay six figures for a Mason jar filled with sand where Tom Brady supposedly sat while filming his retirement video? Once upon a time, Jack, a struggling farm boy in the English countryside, was asked to sell his prized family cow so that his household may have … Read more

Memphis Grizzlies New Orleans Pelicans top 2 Western Conference

Zion Williamson (l.) and Ja MorantImage: Getty Images The Golden State Warriors lost again last night. On Tuesday, the Phoenix Suns dropped a game to the lowly Houston Rockets for the second time this month. Those two wins account for 22.2 percent of the Rockets’ victories this season. The Denver Nuggets have a decent grip … Read more

Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker is next NCAA president

Charlie BakerImage: Getty Images What a weird hire. The dumpster-fire organization known as the NCAA had to make the right move in naming its next president. Mark Emmert’s tenure left the NCAA a mess so bad people questioned why the organization even existed in the first place. To fix all the issues at hand, Massachusetts … Read more

Iranian soccer player Amri Nasr-Azadani may face execution

In surreal sporting news, Iranian soccer player Amir Nasr-Azadani is apparently facing possible execution for taking part in a protest for basic women’s rights in Isfahan, Iran. The government deemed the Sept. 16 protest an armed riot as three security agents were killed in the fracas. FiFPRO, an international soccer association created to support players, … Read more

Could Knicks trade Cam Reddish?

Cam ReddishPhoto: Getty Images As the trade market heats up as the NBA’s Dec. 15 moratorium nears, allowing players who signed new contracts this league year to be traded, the Knicks are expected to be active on the trade market. During this cycle, they’re on the other side of the Cam Reddish sweepstakes. Before the … Read more

Mike Leach’s many non-football interests

Photo: Getty Images A recent addition to this list comes from October, when Leach went on a rant about how bad his team’s hands were. He compared them to dinosaur hands, motion and all, to state that his team needed to use them better to, I don’t know, catch the ball, block, tackle, and several … Read more

World Cup 2022 Diary: Day 25

Image: Getty Images France 2 – 0 Morocco What if you just Morocco’d Morocco? That’s the question Didier Deschamps and France asked themselves before and during today’s semifinal. The answer came back, “Advance to the final.” History will look back on this era of French football as its most successful. Two straight World Cup finals … Read more