South Carolina K-9 missing after training exercise hugs handler in emotional reunion

A K-9 bloodhound that went missing during a training exercise had a heartwarming reunion with his handler.  The three-year-old runaway pup, Gunner, jerked away from his trainer and ran into the woods around 3 p.m. Wednesday afternoon at Kings Mountain State Park Living History Farm in South Carolina, according to the York County Sheriff’s Office.  Dozens … Read more

The Pet-Name Trend People Can’t Resist

Long, long ago—five years, to be precise—Jeff Owens accepted that his calls to the vet would tax his fortitude. When the person on the other end asks his name, Owens, a test scorer in Albuquerque, says, “Jeff.” When they ask for his cat’s name, he has to tell them, “Baby Jeff.” The black exotic shorthair, … Read more

What They Aren’t Telling You About Hypoallergenic Dogs

As someone with dog allergies who nevertheless has been around many dogs as a trainer, a fosterer, and an owner, Candice has learned not to trust the promise of a “hypoallergenic” dog. She’s met low-shedding, hypoallergenic poodles and Portuguese water dogs that supposedly shouldn’t trigger her allergies yet very much did. But she has also … Read more