Most Medicaid Enrollees Are Unaware About the Return to Eligibility Renewals

About 65% of Medicaid enrollees are unsure if states are allowed to now disenroll people from Medicaid if they aren’t eligible anymore or didn’t renew coverage, and 7% incorrectly believe  that states can’t do this, a new analysis showed. During the Covid-19 pandemic and under the continuous enrollment provision, states were barred from disenrolling people … Read more

FDA Nod Makes Pfizer’s Paxlovid the First Approved Oral Covid-19 Antiviral Drug

Pfizer’s Paxlovid now has full FDA approval for treating mild-to-moderate Covid-19, a regulatory decision that makes the pill the first oral antiviral for the novel coronavirus. The approval announced Thursday covers the treatment of adults who are at high risk of progressing to severe Covid-19 that could lead to hospitalization or death. Paxlovid’s emergency authorization … Read more

How Should Providers Deploy Large Language Models? Experts Weigh In

Now that large language models (LLMs) are the hottest new category of AI to enter the healthcare world, stakeholders are watching closely to see how providers will embed these tools into their workflows and what it will take to do that successfully.  The use of LLMs in healthcare is still quite new, so health systems … Read more

Omada Launches Program To Support Patients on GLP-1s

Demand for GLP-1 drugs — which help patients feel fuller for longer and lose weight — is skyrocketing. In response, virtual healthcare provider Omada Health is launching a program that offers lifestyle and behavior support to patients who are struggling with chronic obesity and taking GLP-1s, the company announced Wednesday. San Francisco-based Omada Health serves … Read more

No, Your Job Is Not Going To Be Replaced by AI

  It seems the question on many people’s minds of late is, will my job be replaced by artificial intelligence? While for some, the answer may be yes, for most, the answer is likely to be no, especially in the healthcare field. Human-agent teaming will prevail The more plausible scenario is human-agent teaming, which will … Read more

Small, Rural Communities Have Become Abortion Access Battlegrounds

In April, Mark Lee Dickson arrived in West Wendover, Nevada, a 4,500-person city that hugs the Utah-Nevada border to pitch an ordinance banning abortion. Dickson is the director of the anti-abortion group Right to Life of East Texas and founder of another organization that has spent the past few years traveling the United States trying to persuade … Read more

From Inside-Out to Outside-In: Rethinking Patient Engagement

We live in a world in which the patient is empowered like never before. Think of how your interactions with the brands you love are different from 20 years ago across virtually every sector, from entertainment to transportation. We expect on-demand  services at the touch of a button – how we want it, when we … Read more

Ironwood Places $1B Bet on Biotech That Could Bring Its Next Blockbuster GI Drug

Ironwood Pharmaceuticals, a company whose drug research yielded a blockbuster gastrointestinal disorder drug, has struck a $1 billion deal to acquire VectivBio, a biotech whose lead program brings blockbuster potential in yet another intestinal indication. Under the deal, Ironwood will pay $17 cash for each share of VectivBio. That’s the same price VectivBio set for … Read more

Is AI Replacement Really So Bad? Execs Weigh In

As artificial intelligence takes healthcare by storm, some physicians are expressing concern about being replaced by the technology. But would replacement really be so bad? It’s bad when the technology isn’t “fleshed out,” said Ulili Onovakpuri, managing partner of Kapor Capital, during a Monday panel at the MedCity INVEST conference in Chicago. There are still … Read more

Key to Health System Success: An Entrepreneurial Mindset

One top takeaway from a recent conference focused on the need for health systems—not just startups—to adopt an entrepreneurial mindset. “The path to growth will be a roller coaster. Stay the course,” panelists encouraged. Yet for many health system leaders, making the move to a more modern approach to risk-taking puts them in unfamiliar territory. … Read more