Trader Who Made Billions in 2008 Buys Pound Near All-Time Low

Diggle co-founded volatility hedge fund Artradis Fund Management Pte in 2001. Artradis earned its name for lucrative bets in 2007 and 2008. Later his family office Vulpes Investment Management Pte invested in assets including biotechnology ventures, avocado orchards in New Zealand, German real estate and European rearmament firms, whose stocks surged on the Russian invasion … Read more

Is China Done With Its Market Crackdown? Ask Fosun

(Bloomberg Opinion) — Global investors are wondering these days if Beijing has decided to ease a yearlong regulatory crackdown that has cost them more than $1 trillion in losses. After all, China accounts for about one-third of the emerging markets benchmark index. It’s simply too big to be ignored. With no clear statement of policy on offer, asset managers have … Read more

World Will Get More Millionaires After 2022’s Wealth Destruction

In 2021, global fortunes surged by 9.8% to $463.6 trillion from 2020, posting a much bigger increase than what had been recorded since the beginning of the century. The top 1% owned 46% of all household assets, while the richest 10% of adults had 82% of global wealth. The US had the highest number of … Read more

Controversial US Visa Draws Rich From China to India After Reset

(Bloomberg) — A US visa program that attracted $37 billion in foreign investments since 2008 for projects including New York’s Hudson Yards and Trump Bay Street in Jersey City is making a comeback — and the queue of wealthy applicants from China to India is growing. The revived EB-5 program is poised to fund undertakings from a golf resort in … Read more

Morgan Stanley Quant Sees Capitulation Risk Rising for Equities

Global macro investors are expecting elements of market dislocation, as they remain “net short on equities, and are targeting a tactical risk for the US terminal rate and US treasury 10Y yield to go beyond 5% and 4%, respectively,” strategists including Gilbert Wong wrote in a note. “Being overweight cash is the best way to … Read more