Uncovering Black cemeteries paved over in Florida | 60 Minutes

Uncovering Black cemeteries paved over in Florida | 60 Minutes – CBS News Watch CBS News In the 1950s, in Clearwater, Florida, Black cemeteries were supposed to be relocated for various development projects. But many graves were never relocated and the cemeteries were paved over. Be the first to know Get browser notifications for breaking … Read more

Finding reconciliation for abandoned Black cemeteries – 60 Minutes

In Clearwater, Florida last century, segregation followed people into the grave. Now the injustices of the past are resurfacing.  After human remains began emerging from the ground at a school, a swimming pool, and an office building, archeologists have discovered that graves from segregated cemeteries had been built over, their previously interred bodies now buried … Read more

A Florida teacher thought she’d settled her student loan debt 20 years ago. Then she got a bill for $1 million.

For almost a decade, the government took hundreds of dollars each month out of the paychecks of a Florida woman named Michelle to recoup old student loans that were unpaid and overdue. The process, called garnishment, is legal, and the U.S. Department of Education can order it for someone’s wages, tax returns and Social Security … Read more

Missing Florida woman Mimose Dulcio’s body found, husband Jose Pacheco charged

The body of a missing Florida woman who is believed to have been killed by her husband was found in a wooded area of Miami-Dade County, police confirmed Tuesday night. Police identified the remains as belonging to Broward County woman Mimose Dulcio, 39,  after the body was discovered last Wednesday in the 5500 block of … Read more

Coast Guard rescues more than 180 people from overloaded sailboat off Florida Keys

More than 180 people were rescued from an overloaded and unsafe sailboat off the Florida Keys, the U.S. Coast Guard said.  At 5 a.m. Monday, a good Samaritan reported the incident off Rodriguez Key, the Coast Guard’s 7th District tweeted. The Coast Guard and others responded, battling challenging weather and seas to safely remove what … Read more

Florida man Zachary Sibert tries to evade police by ‘playing frogger’ across busy interstate

A Florida man ran into oncoming traffic on the state’s busiest highways in an effort to evade pursuing police officers during a traffic stop. Zachary Sibert was allegedly driving 110 mph and driving with a suspended license when he “decided to play Frogger,” according to the Brevard County Sheriff’s Department. In the video released by … Read more