Trader Who Made Billions in 2008 Buys Pound Near All-Time Low

Diggle co-founded volatility hedge fund Artradis Fund Management Pte in 2001. Artradis earned its name for lucrative bets in 2007 and 2008. Later his family office Vulpes Investment Management Pte invested in assets including biotechnology ventures, avocado orchards in New Zealand, German real estate and European rearmament firms, whose stocks surged on the Russian invasion … Read more

UK Market Plunge Sparks Talk of Emergency BOE Rate Hike

“The market is giving very strong signals that it is no longer willing to fund the UK’s external deficit position at the current configuration of UK real yields and exchange rate,” Saravelos wrote in a note, adding the view is his own, rather then the view of Deutsche Bank economists. “The policy response required to … Read more