Urbanista Phoenix Review: Clever Charging, Decent Sound

How exciting it must be to confidently declare your company’s latest product to be a “world’s first.” How enticing for your prospective customers, the promise of “endless playtime.” Let’s face it: If you can’t pique a bit of interest this way, well, consumers must be even more jaded than everyone suspected. But though you may … Read more

30 Best Cheap Gear Under $30 (2022): Phone Cases, Camera Bags, and More

Saving cash is never a bad thing, and when words and phrases like “inflation” and “cost-of-living crisis” are all over the news, finding value for money has become even more important to many. WIRED’s Gear team has tested a broad range of products across many categories—many of which, handily, cost under $30. This guide brings … Read more

Zero SR/S Review: Fast Ride, Poor Cornering

Photograph: Zero Motorcycles Once a battery reaches about 80 percent, it’ll take longer to eke out those last few percentages up to 100, but you shouldn’t be routinely brimming any EV’s batteries anyway. It ages the cells faster, which leads to degraded performance over time. The test bike I rode had the outgoing 14.4-kWh battery, … Read more

The Best Home Emergency Kit Gear (2022): Flashlights, Stoves, Chargers, and More

You can leave the batteries in this one, even if you’re using alkalines. When not using the Divide+, you can rotate the battery compartment to separate the batteries from the contact terminals so they won’t corrode in storage. There’s also a foldaway wire handle so you can hang it on a carabiner or a hook. … Read more