China’s reopening brings both risks and opportunities: ADB

China’s reopening could bring opportunities as well as risks to its economy, Albert Park, chief economist at the Asian Development Bank told CNBC.  Although the lifting of Covid restrictions in China would boost growth prospects for the country and other economies, it could also lead to an increase in Covid-19 cases, he said Wednesday.  “The … Read more

China’s COVID Wave Is Coming

In China, a dam seems on the verge of breaking. Following a wave of protests, the government has begun to relax some of its most stringent zero-COVID protocols, and regional authorities have trimmed back a slew of requirements for mass testing, quarantine, and isolation. The rollbacks are coming as a relief for the many Chinese … Read more

20,000,000,000,000,000 ants are crawling around Earth, researchers find, weighing more in total than all birds and mammals combined

Small wonders: What ants can teach us Small wonders: What ants can teach us 06:28 Researchers have worked out an estimate for the number of ants crawling around Earth — and the total is “astounding.”  Scientists at the University of Hong Kong say there are 20,000,000,000,000,000 — that’s 20 quadrillion — of the critters around … Read more