Tesla Offers an Unprecedented Look at the Bench Behind Elon Musk

(Bloomberg) — What they see was an unprecedented number of executives share the stage with Elon Musk, who irked some shareholders by acquiring Twitter for $44 billion last year and funding the deal at least in part by selling billions of dollars worth of Tesla stock. Twitter didn’t come up at all during the roughly … Read more

The $100 Billion Offshore Wind Industry Has a Whale Problem

“We believe that it’s going to destroy our tourism industry,” said Suzanne Hornick, a resident living in Ocean City, New Jersey, and a member of Protect Our Coast NJ. “When people come to Ocean City, they don’t want to look at an industrial park.” Meanwhile, companies developing the turbines argue that even on a clear day … Read more

China Hits Back at US with Sanctions on Lockheed, Raytheon

“It’s a message to the US, but also for domestic consumption – to demonstration China’s tough position,” said Dongshu Liu, an assistant professor specializing in Chinese politics at the City University of Hong Kong. “The economic consequences might not be as strong as the political ones – those companies don’t do business in China. They … Read more

Pacific Storm Will Pummel US With Snow, Floods and Tornadoes

Upwards of 2 inches of rain could drop suddenly in the valleys of Southern California Saturday into Sunday with up to 6 inches in coastal foothills and mountains, touching off floods and landslides, the US National Weather Service said. Then snow could fall by the foot in the Sierra Nevada range, as well as in … Read more

Russia Is Feeling the Pain of Europe’s Oil Embargo

Meanwhile, Europe isn’t scrambling for crude. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, which has stoked inflation, including for food and energy, has undermined European economies to the point where, as I suggested back in early November, the world can easily handle the loss of Russian barrels, at least for now.

Airbus Is Coming for Boeing’s 737

(Bloomberg Businessweek) — Designing a new commercial aircraft requires huge financial outlays and years of engineering wizardry, and success isn’t assured, as the short-lived Airbus A380 jumbo can attest. Such missteps—the double-decker jet never recouped its $20 billion in development costs before being dropped in 2019—explain why the aerospace industry’s preferred route these days is … Read more

This Robot Is on a Mission to Eliminate Short Car Trips

(Bloomberg) — When my six-year-old son first “woke up” the Gitamini robot, I was surprised he didn’t flinch — robots these days tend to be ominous. But as November leaves swirled around the sidewalk meet-cute, the squat personal droid gave a friendly “chirp” and popped up on its two large wheels, ready to follow a new friend.The three … Read more

India Enters 5G Era as Debt-Laden Carriers Gird to Spend Billions

To capitalize on 5G, China has been rolling out smartphone apps and industrial projects such as super high-definition live streaming, remote manufacturing, virtual reality and robotic surgery arms. The country’s three state-owned carriers have introduced more than 25,000 such applications, according to a news article posted by the State Council on its website in August. … Read more

US Redoubles Efforts to End Dependence on Russian Nuclear Fuel

“We are going to get Congressional support in a bipartisan way for us to make our own fuel cycle supply chain independent, certainly of Russia,” Granholm, 63, said in an interview at the International Atomic Energy Agency in Vienna. “We’ve got to make this happen for our own independence and national security.”