Why Biden’s 4% buyback tax could boost stock prices and dividends

The Biden administration’s new stock buyback tax will have little impact on the overall stock market. It might even actually help it. I’m referring to the new 1% excise tax on share repurchases that went into effect on Jan. 1. This tax has set off alarm bells in some corners of Wall Street, on the … Read more

Prosus has invested $8-9 billion in India in 6 years

Prosus Ventures’ (formerly Naspers) head of investments and M&A in India, Ashutosh Sharma, said that Prosus has invested $8-9 billion in India over the past six years. While there are no soft or hard investment allocations for India, Sharma expects the old investment trend to continue. In this year alone, Prosus has already made four … Read more

Five small cap stocks that gained MFs interest

If you are looking for smallcap stock ideas, the portfolio holdings of smallcap funds are a good place to look out for picks. Such equity mutual funds are mandated to invest in stocks that rank after the first 250 stocks in terms of market capitalisation. Since MFs do their due diligence and research before picking … Read more

Nestle plans ₹5,000-cr investment till 2025 to accelerate India business

Nestle has an accelerated an investment plan of ₹5,000 crore till 2025 to grow its India business faster. The investment stems from what Mark Schneider, CEO, Nestle SA, describes as heralding of an “Indian age” in its business. “We’re not only talking about an Indian decade here … but about the Indian age as we see … Read more

Putin is at war with all of Europe, Spain’s Pedro Sánchez says – POLITICO

NEW YORK — Russia is at war not only with Ukraine, but with the whole EU — and it’s losing, according to Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez. Russian President Vladimir Putin is “using energy as a war tool” because he is threatened by the EU’s values, Sánchez told POLITICO in New York, where more than 150 … Read more