Jets’ Zach Wilson and Saints’ Jameis Winston are studies in athlete entitlement

Zach WilsonPhoto: Getty Images Nearly 10 years after the ButtFumble, a next generation Jets quarterback is fumbling his job away and coming across like a buttface in the process. There was no escape for the Jets quarterback on Sunday or afterwards. Based on reports from Jets insiders such as Rich Cimini, the Jets’ fractured locker … Read more

NFL Week 5 MVP is New Orleans Saints QB/TE Taysom Hill

Gadget player Taysom Hill scored 4 TDs against SeattleImage: Getty Images Who had the better four-touchdown outburst, Travis Kelce or Taysom Hill? Kelce and Hill showed that efficient production trumps volume in wins. In the red zone, Kelce has a knack for getting open, and despite only gaining 25 yards on seven receptions, he maneuvered … Read more

Michigan’s Jim Harbaugh, A&M’s Jimbo Fisher are kindred spirits

Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh and Texas A&M coach Jimbo FisherImage: Getty Images Jim Harbaugh and Jimbo Fisher are two identical strangers on similar paths. Both were top-notch quarterback gurus who haven’t been able to find a consistent spark behind center. This season, Texas A&M is on its second quarterback while Harbaugh has been deploying a … Read more

2022 rookie wide receiver ranking Week 4: A relatively quiet week for these pass catchers

Last season we did our weekly rookie quarterback tracker, but with only one taken in the first round of 2022, we’ve moved onto another highly coveted position. For 2022, we’ll keep track of all six first-round wide receivers and their progress throughout the year. Some of our first-round rookies are already off to the… Read … Read more

Patrick Mahomes and Baker Mayfield

Mahomes > MayfieldIllustration: Getty Images Justin Jefferson’s 10 catches for 147 yards yards in London buoyed the Vikings’ win over New Orleans, Saquon Barkley once again took on multiple duties in the Giants’ zero-quarterback offense and Seattle’s Geno Smith earned the weekend’s highest pass-rating, but in Kansas City’s resounding win, Patrick Mahomes illustrated the difference … Read more

Could backup QBs spark teams to victory?

There’s been a rush to bet against Cooper despite the Cowboys being favorites over the Commanders on Sunday.Image: Getty Images America loves an underdog story, but the betting public hates backup quarterbacks. Despite the Cowboys going 2-0 with Cooper Rush filling in for Dak Prescott, Dallas is seeing only 16.7 percent of bets placed on … Read more

NFL Week 3 rookie wide receiver rankings

3. Garrett Wilson – Jets Image: Getty Images Wilson had another nice game this week with six catches for 60 yards. The Jets only scored 12 points in a loss at home to the Cincinnati Bengals, who got their first win of the season. Following up last week’s performance would’ve been tough for anyone, considering … Read more

Lamar Jackson edges Jalen Hurts

Lamar JacksonPhoto: Getty Images The Washington Commanders sit atop the NFL’s porcelain throne but they are also kingmakers themselves — for other offenses. Jack del Rio’s January 6 defense fared better in front of Washington fans than his 2022 defensive unit has. Jalen Hurts and Devonta Smith both feasted on the Commanders’ carcasses. Hurts targeted … Read more

Bucs’ Tom Brady vs. Packers’ Aaron Rodgers was a complete dud

Rodgers vs., Brady – not nearly as much fun as we thought it would be.Image: Getty Images No one except delusional fans of both Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers would have expected a barnburner on Sunday. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ offense has been decimated by injury — especially the offensive line — and the Green … Read more

Brett Favre got caught red handed and nobody cares

Boooooooooo!Image: Getty Images Newsflash: As much as you love them, dogs aren’t humans. And as much as it might have infuriated you, asking the police to do their job isn’t a fireable offense that should get you blackballed in your industry. But that’s not how it works in America. In this country, you’ll get more … Read more