Raiders’ Josh McDaniels lost to Jeff Saturday in the ‘White Privilege Bowl’

Jeff Saturday (left) and Josh McDanielsPhoto: Getty Images It wasn’t a coincidence. It was evidence. Months after Brian Flores, Ray Horton, and Steve Wilks came together to sue the NFL for its racist hiring practices, a Week 10 matchup between two of the league’s worst teams in Las Vegas wound up proving that taking legal … Read more

Indianapolis Colts opt for white, unqualified coach

Pretty much anyone in this photo would have been a better pick to helm Indy than Jeff Saturday (far right). Image: Getty Images NFL owners are making life easier for Brian Flores’ lawyers. Almost exactly nine months to the day after the Houston Texans were on the verge of hiring Josh McCown — a former … Read more

Colts owner Jim Irsay on firing Frank Reich, hiring Jeff Saturday

Jim Irsay, ladies and gentlemen…Screenshot: Indianapolis Colts I guess if you were sentenced to hang out with one NFL owner, Jim Irsay might be atop the list. He at least has an identifiable love of music, which gives him something in common with most other people. We have no idea what most owners do for … Read more

Dan Snyder is fleeing the Commanders’ ship as the DOJ closes in

Dan Snyder is a disgraceImage: Getty Images What began as a value report that the Washington Commanders had secured Bank of America (BofA) Securities to explore “potential transactions” morphed into jubilee as the implication became clear. The hints that Dan and Tanya Snyder are “exploring” selling the franchise have been all but confirmed. Although nothing … Read more

What woman would ever trust the NFL again?

The NFL owners meetings aren’t usually so entertaining. Usually, you have more of a united front around a multi-billion dollar business and one of the last cultural unifiers in a fractured landscape, but this year you have Colts owner Jim Irsay saying there might be merit in ousting Washington owner Dan Snyder, and Dallas owner … Read more

Colts owner Jim Irsay isn’t afraid of Daniel Snyder

Jim IrsayPhoto: Getty Images There had to be a reason that there doesn’t appear to be a significant movement by NFL team owners to try and do something to get Dan Snyder out of the league. It was one thing when he simply was spending money in all of the wrong places and gradually eroding … Read more

Washington Commanders QB Carson Wentz sees errors of his ways

Thinking back to Wentz he came.Image: Getty Images It’s funny sometimes how people don’t realize the error in their ways until it’s too late. Washington Commanders quarterback Carson Wentz is finally admitting that he could have done better during his time in Philadelphia. It wasn’t solely about what he did on the field but more … Read more