11 Best Coffee Grinders (2023): Conical-Burr, Flat-Burr, Manual, Blade

Our list consists mostly of conical-burr grinders. In a conical grinder, coffee beans are crushed and ground between two rings of burrs. They deliver a finer, much more consistent grind than you’d get with a traditional blade grinder, even the nicest ones. Flat-burr grinders are similar, but they’re typically more expensive. In these, the burrs … Read more

Cliffset’s Portable Silverware Set Has a Built-In Dishwasher

There’s a dilemma every city dweller faces eventually: Where’s the fork? Let’s say that after a meeting, you finally manage to find the one falafel stand that’s an oasis in the food desert of the financial district. The gods smile, and you score an $8 falafel platter. This is why you live in a city, … Read more

7 Best Cookbooks (Winter 2022): I Am From Here, Budmo, The Perfect Loaf

It’s been a good year for cookbooks, almost as if authors had a couple of years of pent-up brilliance just waiting to burst forth. (I wonder why?) In fact, 2022 was such a good year, I snuck in a mid-year roundup as an excuse to write about more of them. Now at year’s end, there is … Read more

5 Best Electric Kettles (2022): Gooseneck, Temperature Control, Cheap

if you don’t have an electric kettle in your kitchen, you’re missing out. Not only are these appliances slightly more energy-efficient than using a stovetop, but they’re portable and boil water more quickly. These days, electric kettles come in various sizes with different kinds of spouts, and you’ll often find models with customizable temperature settings … Read more

9 Best Coffee Subscription Boxes We’ve Tasted (2022): Gifting, Fresh, Decaf, Single-Origin

Delivery options: One, two, three, or four weeks Grounds and Hounds offers small-batch roasted blends and single-origin coffee, with 20 percent of its profits going to benefit animal shelters. The brand has some of my personal favorite coffees, especially the dark roasts. (Try the Snow Day Winter Roast when it’s available.) There are two kinds … Read more