Who will be the Atlanta Hawks’ new coach?

Nate McMillan (l.) is gone and Trae Young deserves some blameImage: Getty Images Nearly two years to the day the Atlanta Hawks fired Lloyd Pierce, his replacement Nate McMillan met the same fate. We knew his coaching position was terminal two months ago when an argument between McMillan and Young spilled out into the public … Read more

Meyers Leonard deserve forgiveness more than Kyrie Irving

Meyers Leonard (then) of the Miami Heat stands during the National Anthem as his teammates take a knee.Photo: Ashley Landis-Pool (Getty Images) At first, without thinking, rage is the appropriate response to seeing Meyers Leonard’s re-entry back into the NBA, as it was reported on Tuesday he’ll sign a 10-day contract with the Milwaukee Bucks … Read more

It’s still all about Kyrie Irving

IT’S ALL ABOUT MEEEEEEPhoto: AP The player-empowerment era has created more avenues for athletes to flex their own team-building ability, but Kyrie Irving’s Saturday media availability during All-Star Weekend touched on an issue he’s extremely familiar with — trade requests. Irving’s response to inquiries about the topic illustrates his problematic “grass is always greener on … Read more

Nikola Jokić is the Denver Nuggets only All-Star

Nikola Jokić is a hell of an All-Star, but for Denver, he’s the only one.Photo: AP Nikola Jokić’s season has been one for the ages. The Denver Nuggets are first in the West, first in offensive efficiency, Jokić is a god according to almost every analytics metric as well as the runaway favorite to become … Read more

Knicks sitting pretty after Nets trade Kyrie Irving, Kevin Durant

In the near-term, the Knicks may wind up benefitting from the star departures of Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving out of Brooklyn. Down the road, though, when it comes to landing a megastar, the two local rivals could be pitted against each other once again as they were when Irving and Durant chose Barclays Center … Read more

Lakers are biggest losers in Nets-Mavericks Kyrie Irving trade

Kyrie Irving: still not a LakerPhoto: Getty Images During a season in which league-wide parity has been the overarching theme, the drama-free Dallas Mavericks dove headfirst into unknown depths by acquiring team arsonist Kyrie Irving from the Brooklyn Nets. All it took was Dorian Finney-Smith, point guard Spencer Dinwiddie, some second-round picks, and a first-round … Read more

Suns eyeing Kevin Durant after Nets trade Kyrie Irving

The Nets might not be done yet. Moments after they traded the talented yet polarizing Kyrie Irving, many wondered what would become of Kevin Durant. Two days after Irving requested a trade, he was dealt on Sunday afternoon to the Mavericks for Spencer Dinwiddie, Dorian Finney-Smith and draft picks, including an unprotected 2029 first-rounder. With … Read more

Sports writers aren’t going to lose their jobs to AI just yet

AI predicted that the Kansas City Chiefs will win the Super Bowl — thanks to Tyreek Hill, who isn’t on the team anymoreImage: Getty Images Technology is terrifying. That’s why I still do all my research via newspaper and all my math by abacus. However, when I heard about an AI that could write professional-level … Read more

Nets’ Kyrie Irving says he’s “free” after getting dropped by Nike

Photo: Getty Images I might be reading into this too much, but did Kyrie Irving writing “I’M FREE” on his taped over Nike sneakers feel slightly like Ye going on TikTok and declaring himself free? A 3-year-old could connect those dots, considering each knucklehead’s history of antisemetic views that subsequently got them dropped from lucrative … Read more